New Endmyopia Blog Notifications Now Available

You can now get desktop / mobile notifications when new posts are published in the endmyopia blog.


Look for a notification asking whether you want to subscribe when you visit endmyopia, and the little red bell in the bottom right corner of the site.

Works in Safari and Chrome, maybe other browsers.


Great, I always check in now and then to the blog and quite often I may be 2/3 entries behind so this works for me, thanks Jake!


What Ussy said, thank you! :slight_smile:

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So this has been bugging me for some time, but is there a way for the notification to stay up on my browser (chrome) until I action it? e.g. click/dismiss etc. It’s disappearing within a few seconds which gives me barely enough time to read the title. My you tube notifications stay up permanently but I value the endmyopia ones more haha. Is this something I can tweak on my end?

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