New forum juice

A lemon was just squeezed into the forum. New stuff:

Make them like this

[x] Item 1
[] Item 2

Item 1
Item 2

Click them to check them

Make them like this

[spoiler]Make them like this[/spoiler]

Or press this button

LaTeX Math
Do math like this

\frac{1}{0.5} = 2D
\frac{1}{0.5} = 2D

Or like this

$\frac{1}{0.5} = 2D

\frac{1}{0.5} = 2D

If you want to know how to actually write these equations you’re on your own (look up LaTeX guides)

Discord integration

The Discord server will be spammed with wonderful forum message updates, and most regulars will just mute this channel and never go in there

Cakeday :cake:
So the forum is configured to show cake only for the day you joined the forum and not your birthday. The flavour of cake is :cake: sorry if you like other flavours