New Guru Lair Under Construction

If a certain Jake has been seemingly a bit missing in action as of late, it’s because figuring out this jungle bit is all sorts of layers of challenges. Well pumps and solar battery amperages and foreigner registrations and house construction managings.

And it’s raining season! All day every day. :cloud_with_rain:

Good news though is that a new bamboo and palm leaf roof temple of all teh wisdoms is under creation at this very specific moment.

Hopefully that means a desk and maybe even videos again.

Could be more than ever a mystical settings for new content. An actual jungle. Now if Somebody could just figure out a proper beard it could all seem curiously legit, as far as tall tales of a last living eye guru at the edge of the world.


Stay tuned!


Goodness, really looks like a swamp!
Where does the desk go? :smiley:

Good luck with that, can’t wait to see the result!


It IS a swamp right now. Rainstorms that never end.

Plan is to put up the roof and then have a dry space to get to building a flat concrete floor. Various temporary structures all over the property while the main house is under construction.


Will you keep posting update pics? This is really something else, very daring and cool!


Not very vagabond-ish Careful with pouring concrete or you’ll ruin your reputation :slight_smile:

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Vague plan is to continue vagabonding about 6 months out of the year. The way visas work out anyway is that one needs to leave after a couple of months which is also about my limit for being stationary.

Concrete needed for level ground to set up gym stuff. Also otherwise a bit muddy. All the local pagodas have concrete floors! :grimacing:

Update pix quite likely. Amusement never ends. Also on Instagram on occasion. (jakeysteiner)


Can’t wait to see the finished peice of art :smile:

Thanks for checking in Jake…sounds exciting…be safe :blush: crossing fingers for our Maui relatives.

@jakey Yes, please keep us updated on the progress, I truly find it interesting! It reminds me of Thailand… I would love to live there a few months out of each year if I could. Among the house progress, I hope you’ll also have a bountiful garden of fruits and vegetables too! Best of luck… That is so exciting!! :tada:

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Humidity… Ick!! Not enough hair gel in the world to cope with that. Good luck with your project. Be sure to show us some progress pictures.

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Wow, fantàstic places. Yes, keep us updated, it’s very interesting to see your Robinson Crusoe life in the jungle.