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Hello everyone.I am Gaurav from India.I haven’t started the process yet but have read plenty of stuff…So here is my story :

I got my first glasses when I was 13 yrs old.In my school some people came to check the eyesight of all students.When they checked my eyesight,I wasn’t able to read the last or second last line of the chart.They gave me a paper on which it was written,‘Needs to wear glasses’, and they told me to go to an optometrist and check my vision… I was very excited.“Wow,I will get glasses now,so cool!!” I showed that paper to my father and told him I want glasses. He Said No,you don’t need it.When he refused I got angry and forced him,cried before him! I wish now that I should have listened to him and not get glasses.Bcoz,really I never needed the glasses as it was just pseudomyopia.But then… :pensive:

I went for the check up and got -1 in Left and -1.25 in my Right eye.And from there it all started.Every year my eyesight got worse,stronger glasses. Now I am 16 yrs old,and every morning I have to remember where I kept my glasses last night😅. I tried Eye Excercises, Eye drops and many other things.Went to holidays without my glasses for 3-4 months.It was so blurry.And the problem got worse.I couldn’t recognise people’s expression.Have to stand very close to the mirrot to see my own face!Everything is so frustruating.

Last year I found Jake Steiner(Eye Guru) on Youtube,found Endmyopia,read the 7 day free email guide…But at that time I ignored it.,bcoz i was not sure whether it will work or not.
But before 2 months,I remembered the website,watched lots of Jake’s videos and decided I will do it.

I remeber my childhood when I was without any glasses.Life was so much fun.I used to play a lot.I was mostly outdoor.There was a balance of studies and sports.I could do things more easily.I was never stuck at one place.I loved football and cycling.I loved meeting new people and mixing with them.I was confident.I was never a nerdy type.But from the time I started wearing glasses,I got less into sports and more into studies.I stopped going out much.I felt awkward meeting people.I wished I could join them without this thing on my nose.I never participated fully in any school program.I was afraid bcoz I became more aware of myself.I really hated it when people thought I am rude bcoz I never talked with them.But how can I tell them that this glasses limit me in so many ways…

Anyway,I really like Endmyopia.And Thank You Jake for helping lots of people.Hope this helps me too.

Thank You.



welcome Gaurav!

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You sound ready for the adventure! Keep us posted.

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:smile: :smile: the same happened to me ,some kind of eye checkup campaign was held in my school and that’s when I knew I have myopia . I guess it was around -0.75D and that too for only one eye the other was fine.

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