New here in this great community

Hello everybody, my name is Anna, 52. I come from the Netherlands and I’m just starting on this journey to improve my eyesight. I’m very happy to have found this community through a blog article on pinhole glasses. I wear glasses for 42 years already and my current prescription from feb. 2016 is
R sp -2 C -1.25 A179 Add +1.50
L sp -3.50 C -1.75 A178 Add +1.50
With my glasses I can see 20/10 from 7 metres.
4 months ago I stopped wearing my glasses except for driving because seeing close up was better without them. I made long walks everyday and my eyes felt very relaxed though they were tearing for almost 4 weeks in a row.
After reading the 7 emails from Jake I now know that I need normalised glasses if I want to improve. Hopefully I can do without differentials but we will see.
Next week I will have my eyes checked by an optometrist. I hope she will let me try different options like no astigmatism correction or closing the gap between left and right. Till then I’ll be learning more from you all. Thank you.


Welcome to the forum!

If you can get your opto to get you workable differentials and a non-overcorrected 20/20 script as a starting point, those are both huge wins.

Good luck!

Thanks for your kind advice Kem. I see you recommend smaller steps. I should probably first get used to normal sight instead of the blur adaptation.

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Thank you Hannie. I read a lot of your contributions so I feel like I know you already.
I wonder when differentials are needed… I read without glasses 20/30 inside at 6 metres although I need to clear the blur. And reading or watching subtitles goes without blur.
I got the reading prescription when I was doing a lot of screentime but I don’t have to do that since 2 years.
Anyway I’ll let you know the result.

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