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Hi everyone, I’ve never joined a forum but this looks like just what I’ve been searching for. Thank you for adding me. I am joining with lots of questions and the area we need support in is our teenager who is 14 1/2 with myopia and how often she should wear her new prescription? She’s progressed from a -0.75 in January 2020, to a -2.00 last week. She’s so excited with the new glasses we collected yesterday, saying she can now see everything so clearly but for me I think school stress has caused the myopia and this prescription is solidifying this. I cannot tell you how grateful I am to have any support about what to do at this stage, as she’s delighted she’s seeing better but it all seems a self fulfilling prophecy.


Welcome to the forum
Have you read the 7-day guide yet? Are you familiar with differentials?

It’s understandable she’s happy to be able to see at distance again, the progression of -1.25 is too much blur just to clear with -0.75D and focusing.
When did she start wearing -0.75 and was that her first pair of prescription? If so, most probably the -2.00 is the result of wearing them for all distances (lens induced myopia)
When she got the -0.75D she was most probably OK to see things clear within 1 or 2 metres and only needed corrections at distance (board and outdoors). At the opto’s recommendation she wore that correction for all distances and this way the -0.75D became the expected correction for 1 or 2 metres and now she needs more for the 3, 6, 20 metres…
So the most important would be to wear lower prescription for the screen and at home indoors. Her myopia is still very low. So the lower correction can mean no corrections or previous-0.75D to start with (if she really needs them).

Welcome to the forum. You will find other parents of myopic children here.

That is a pretty rapid progression you describe, and fairly alarming. I am not surprised at the initial delight in being able to see everything very clearly, but this is not the way to go. Get her differentials for close vision as soon as possible. This should at least stop the progression caused by the hyperopic defocus created by wearing distance glasses for close vision. Then follow the rest of the EM steps. I would suggest she use her full prescription as little as possible. I assume she has -0.75 glasses from earlier. These might not be strong enough to function as diffs, but she could try. It all depends on what distance she has to her usual screen work.

Good luck on this journey for your daughter.

The fact that she didn’t have / need other prescriptions between -0.75D and -2.00D suggests to me that the -0.75D was still giving no blur or manageable blur only at close up distance. So I’d say they might not be weak enough to function as diffs. :wink: Hence my suggestion to try close-up without corrections, too

As for the rapid progression, most probably the -0.75D was an overcorrection to start with and then worn unnecessarily for close-up distances, too. Such rapid progression is normal around first pairs when thanks to optos the eyes are first told not to work on clearing the blur anymore…


Hi Bianca, thank you so much for your reply. I’m just at the start of reading resources and watching the videos. There’s so much and I want to tread carefully as my daughter’s eyes seem more associated with functional/ stress symptoms because of online school. My daughter first got glasses 4 years ago. Her prescription was always tiny -0.50 in both eyes and then there was a tiny jump to 0.75 in January 2020. During the lockdown she started getting headaches and it was in November 2020 the optician said she has reduced to -1.00 and referred us to the hospital where last week they noted she is -2.00. We’ve got the -2.00 glasses now. I asked the optician was it normal that it has doubled since November and he said it was no problem and he expects her prescription to change again. He also mentioned with her new glasses she should wear them all the time, it won’t make a difference. It doesn’t feel right to me at all, I am just so thankful for your writing to me. We are to see an opthamologist in a few weeks, I am just wondering what questions to ask?

Hi again thank you, they didn’t want to give glasses at the -1.00 as the optician could see how much she was failing in the subjective tests and therefore he questioned if her eyesight was all associated with functional symptoms. So we held off and went last week and an objective test noted -2.00. Part of me doesn’t seem to be able to accept this decline. So I will take your advice and keep the bee glasses to a minimal. When we are outdoors is it best to keep the glasses on or off? And for close up computer work she just wears her usual 0.75 glasses? So sorry for all the questions I just so want to get it right and I feel since she first got glasses being told to wear them as much as possible has just enhanced the deterioration of her eyes.

I’m assuming home schooling with increased screen time, with a screen fairly close (nothing comparable to a board). So headaches can very well be because of using the full distance prescription in such a close distance. Comparable to using binoculars at the dinner table and not just for figuring out birds and hills in the distance.
Did she try the -2.00D in front of iPad or laptop. If her eyes remember how it was when they were healthy, they should protest by headache! If not, her next prescription will be higher again as she learnt how to tolerate distance glasses in close up…
You can ask the question if it is OK to wear the same full corrections for screens and indoors, too, especially considering the headaches. If the opto is any good, they will tell you that it is OK to wear less corrections when working close-up.

Thank you so much for your welcome and for your words, yourself and Bianca have been so helpful already. I’m already beginning to feel that I am not alone in what has felt like a mine field.

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I had very much the same thoughts, but did not really dare express them, being rather too strong on the commando side for the EM orthodoxy. :crazy_face:

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Now emboldened by Bianca, I would suggest only wear them for short periods as a reference to clarity. As she is not yet driving, there is absolutely no need for her to have 20/15 correction, which I think she most probably has with her new glasses. Glasses that correct to 20/15 or better is NOT the way to go. Do you have a 6m Snellen chart for testing? You will need one on this journey, and I suggest you get a good quality commercial one rather than trying to print one from online sources.

I’d say it is beneficial to wear the glasses when outdoors and looking at real distance. (Not outdoors sitting on a bench playing or chatting on a smart phone!!! Smart phone is also a great contributor to myopia progression!!).
If she wears the new corrections outdoors, she will re-establish the expected clarity. (Assuming the -2.00D is not heavily overprescribed, if she is, you may want to order -0.5D less online and use those when outdoors…)
She can alternate it every now and then with wearing less corrections or no corrections if it is safe.
When outdoors the point is to look at greater distances than you would look at indoors. And it is the movement of the eyes (vs. fixated on monitor) that will give the improvement. So riding a bike, playing any ball games, etc are all good as they require focusing at moving objects at different distances.

For close up it is a definite NO to wearing full -2.00D corrections. No screen should be in front of her face closer than 45cms (chatting on smart phone or cuddling up with a tablet are both big NOs). For studying the screen should be at 50cms to 75cms and lower or no prescription should be used to give a tiny bit of blur challenge that is easy to clear.
Check this link for the level of blur I mean.

All the basics are in these guides:

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Thank you Ursa, I don’t have the chart but I will look into getting one and keep the glasses use to minimum like you say just to help with clarity and for close up work the -0.75 to help with the focus. An opthamologist said the more we talk of her eyes the worse they could become so we keep eye chat to the minimum. For our next appointment they are going to explore her wearing -2.00 contacts as she doesn’t like wearing glasses, however I again don’t want to feed into this prescription particularly when I feel it is more habitual and psychological and has been most likely caused by wearing short sighted glasses all the time for everything. I honestly can’t thank you and Bianca for your advice.

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Hi Bianca, I can’t thank you and Ursa enough, you have both been a so kind in sharing your time and advice. A small prescription for close up would be a good starter point and thank you for the advice on keeping tech at target distance. We never used to have the internet at home until about a year ago and this seems to tie in quite closely with her change in sight. I will re read your message just to double check what her close up prescription should be.

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This is rather strange advice. It depends very much on the kind of talk. Convincing her that she can improve is highly unlikely to make things worse. She is old enough to understand what is going on in simple terms, and to take some initiative in her own improvements. Having a Snellen gives her the means to get feedback on her own situation without having to depend on optometrists.

A few additional resources here:

Links to printable Snellen charts at the bottom of the page here:

Hopefully kids’ optos are friendlier than the adult ones and believe more in stopping myopia or reversing it. Believe more that the deterioration of the eyesight is not permanent. But if you receive push back you can always ask if their recommendations will stop or reverse myopia, so you know their mindset from which they give you their advices.

For encouragement: I had -2.00D for decades and now I’m back to 20/20. There are several other people starting from much higher and now working on their last remaining diopters.

Yes I agree, the one off opthamologist I paid for privately said he felt it’s all functional and his message to her in December was there is nothing wrong with her eyes and they will settle. Which on one side is excellent as I am all for positive thinking and I work as a psychotherapist etc, but then on the other hand the Nhs optician whom he referred us just last week said there’s been a decline over the past few months and he expects a further change in prescription. From my daughter’s point of view she is now saying ‘See I told you I couldn’t see, now I can with my new glasses’ ‘I can’t just chose to see better Mum’

This again is really great advice and I will ask this when we attend the Nhs opthamologist in a few weeks. Thank you for the links also. That’s wonderful about your return to 20/20 vision, I am so acutely aware that so many people are starting off so much worse than my daughter, I am just so thankful I have found your support and I have a clearer idea of how to speak to opthamolgy at our next appointment now.

I can see where she is coming from, but we can choose to see a little better, by paying sufficient attention to what we are looking at. A short-term plan would be to at least stop the deterioration until she is old enough to want to work on reversing myopia.

Yes I think this sums up where we are at Ursa, I can see a way forward for helping her through this but she is at the age and stage where she is following the professionals help over mine. I do feel very reluctant to getting her the contact lenses at -2.00 in a few weeks but maybe that’s an issue I have with acceptance.

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One almost hopes that she will not get used to wearing contact lenses, and will revert to glasses, which you can order online for very little and which will give her a nice choice in frames. She is hardly likely to notice a reduction of 0.25 in a pair of glasses and they can be taken off whenever she doesn’t need them. Good luck.