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Some ideas for what might be include-worthy in your intro:

  • Any basic background about you that you’d like to share
  • What motivated you to improve your vision
  • How you found endmyopia
  • Other stuff you’ve tried
  • Where you started with diopters, where you’re at now
  • Things you like to do to enjoy outdoor time / active focus
  • Links to any online things of yours you may want to share

HI! I am hew to the Le Meow Forum. I am a 42 years old wife, mom, creative, researcher and have been asking questions about how to improve my eyesight for years to my optometrist with no help. Last year I had an improvement in my vision by about a quarter diopter at my eye exam after some brain work at an osteopath. The optometrist dismissed the result as nothing. I however was intrigued to learn more and in my search found EndMyopia on You tube.

I did not return to that eye doctor and found another one in my area when i needed to renew my contact subscription:) The new eye doctor does more therapy based work for children so was a little more understanding… My new contact prescription at that visit was almost a full diopter LESS than the one i had been wearting (with complaints of eye strain to the previous doctor).

So- i am now determined to figure out a plan to get my -4.5 with -1ish astigmatism back to 20/20.

Hello, I’m new to the Forum and living in the US. I’ve been searching online for information on how to stop the progression of my sons myopia and I came across the video “A Beginners Guide to Endmyopia”. My son’s eyeglass prescription has progressively increased over the years and is now -9.75, Cyl: -1.75, axis: 030 and -8.75, Cyl: -2.25, axis 145. He refuses to wear glasses because they are so thick and heavy and give him peripheral distortion, so he wears contacts instead. He spends a majority of the day doing online classes or upclose work of some kind. I would like to know if anyone has experience with wearing contacts with a differential prescription and then adding minus eyeglasses to reach a normalized prescription for distance.

I have also been researching where to buy contacts without a prescription. The UK company I contacted response was this:
“ Hi, thanks for contacting VisionDirect.
Regulations imposed and enforced in the USA by the FDA means that we will no longer be allowed to ship orders from the UK or EU direct to customers in the USA without validating that the customer’s prescription matches the lenses shipped. We have continued to do this for as long as we could but from
2021 this will no longer be possible. I apologise for the inconvenience.”

I’m hoping to get my son started on reducing his myopia as soon as possible. Thanks for this forum.

Hi! I am new to the forum. I am a 44 year old wife, mum-of-two and work in publishing in the UK. I found my way to Endmyopia three years ago while searching for ways to improve my vision naturally (I will always try a natural way first). Unfortunately, I was also caring for my mum who had Alzheimer’s at the time and I was never fully able to give the program the time it needed and deserved. Sadly, mum passed away a few weeks ago and now I am more determined than ever to make the most of life and that starts with better vision.

At the moment, I have presbyopia and myopia (around -11) as well as cataracts in my right eye. My 13 year old son also has high myopia (-8) and we are taking this journey together - today is our first day.

Thank you so much to Jake and everyone on the forum for this opportunity and we look forward to keeping you posted as well as hearing lots of lovely stories.

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Hi I’m here for my son who is 6. He was found to be -2 and -2.25 in September 2017. we did our research into the causes and went outside practically day every day and minimised close up time and got him down to -1 and -0.75 then found a behavioural optometrist to prescribe him plus lenses and vision therapy he was then able to see -0.5 with both eyes. (This all took 7 months). He’s due for his next check up at the end of August.


Hi everyone! My name is Shelly. I’m a 57 year old woman. From a reference in Mark’s Daily Apple I found Jake and Endmyopia in June 2015 and started reading everything Jake wrote and every video he made. Wow! I could not get enough! I had never imagined I could improve my eyesight. I’m so excited! I got glasses in 3rd grade and I wore contacts for many years. I got all the bad advice and overprescriptions that everyone else got too. Makes me angry to think about it. I get angry when I see little kids with glasses, too. Wish I could save them all. I get my best outdoor active focus time sitting on the front porch, focusing on the road sign across the street, the surrounding scenery, and trying to focus on the cars that drive by. I jokingly call it my eye exercises to my family. I know that’s not quite true. But when I say that, they know I’m not going to be looking at them during conversation at that time. I find it amazingly relaxing. I also like to ride bicycle and kayak. Both of these are great active focus activities at distances. I don’t have a blog or comment on other’s blogs except Jake’s and that is only to send him improvement updates. I hope to be able to make a positive contribution to this site. I started my journey in June 2015 at -4.25/-4. I haven’t kept track of when I made all the reductions. Sorry. But my current working diopter is -1.25/-1.25 which I started in May 2018. Still working hard to get on top of that one. But summer is the time to make my gains and that’s what I’m doing! Let the Le Meow fun begin!


Hello everyone!! What a great bunch of people :hugs:

I’m Maria Laura and I have myopia :laughing::nerd_face: I’m 28, from a German speaking part of Italy. I have been traveling and working abroad since 2014 and am now back home teaching yoga. I know what you might be thinking but am not a new age fluff person nor a crazy workout girl. I do believe in science and being open minded and meditations :wink: and I love real hatha yoga.

So whats my story?! I was an akward teenager with glasses until I got contacts and somehow more of my self confidence back. Anyways, my eyes constantely got worse until they got to over -6 about a year ago. Then whilst traveling in India I decided this was enough and I sat down and researched about eyes in an internet cafe (my phone broke). Voilá I found endmyopia :raised_hands: I was getting towards the end of my travels and I didn’t get to buy new glasses so I just postponed that project. I did give me a lot of hope though.

After I got back to Europe and had some more money in my bank again just before my next travel adventure (can’t stop traveling ups) I, for the first time, was told that my eyes had gotten better by a whole diopter on one eye, a bit less on the other. Why? Maybe I was overprescribed before or also because I had started to have a daily yoga practice (relaxed my eyes and gazed into the distance outdoors), went surfing more regulary, spend time outside more, not much screen time… anyways what amazing news!!!

Now I’m back from yet another travel through Asia and I sat down again a few weeks back to read my way through endmyopia, did some studying and bought my first differentials. So here I am, fully optimistic and now dedicated to put more work into this. Thanks for reading until here hehe

Big smiles,


Wilkommen, benvenutta! Another interesting and unique story, another pair of eyes that will be saved. Welcome to the group! :wave:


Hi, I’m Amanda, and I discovered this brilliance in December 2017, after my optometrist said I needed to bump my rx from -7/-1.75, -7.5/-2 to -7.5, -8 with the same CYL. I’m 30, and I had always been under the impression that my eyes would have been stabilized around 18 years old like the optometrist said. So when they tried to feed me this garbage, I finally was fed up enough to start researching natural vision health and control despite my optometrist always saying there’s nothing I can do, and I’m so thrilled to have stumbled upon Jake’s genius understanding of myopia. It’s been just over 6 months, and this past week, the optometrist confirmed that I’m now at -5.5/-1.75, -6/-1.75! He says this is just from no close-up time (not true, I just used differentials for close-up), and he also said my rx won’t drop any more at all. I can’t wait to show him even more progress in a year!
I’m so thankful that this method has made me get outside every day and look at the beautiful world around me! I used to not really take any time to get out there, and I’d let my kids spend more time with video games and books than I should have, but now real life outside is a priority for my kids and me. I’m so, so happy with how this has really given me initiative to improve my family’s quality of life!
Thank you Jake!


Hi, I am Bryant and I found endmyopia because I went to eye doctor and she said that I have high risk of retinal detachment. Within 2 days I found Jake’s website and hope ending myopia will help solve this issue/risk

OD -4.50
OS -5.00


hello! my name is Claire, and it’s great to be here in our little cyber-niche :). I live in new york city, so my outdoor time consists of walking my little dog and perusing signage. I’ve been interested in natural vision training since the 7th grade, when I did my Biology paper on it. that’s when I found the Bates methodology…it did instill in me that there is NOTHING wrong with our eyes, but nothing in his book nor any of the other thinkers inspired by him ever really worked for me. I’ve had glasses since I was in 5th grade and switched to contacts in the 9th grade, and luckily not much has changed in diopters since then.

I had almost given up, but started to see the signs of Presbyopia, when I shook my fist at the sky and said NO! I regained my momentum to do more research on what I could do when…I found Endmyopia. that was in Fall of 2017.
My prescription then:
OD L: 6.0 R:5.5
My prescription now:
OD L: 5.75 R:5.0



My name is fabio. And here is my story.

I have been wearing glasses since 7 years old. My eyes have steadily been getting worse. Glasses and contacts for over 40 years. during this time, i convinced myself that there was nothing I could do. The eye doc is always right and i have bad eyes.

I went to the nice opto lady at the end of May. In a close dark room and with soothing tones, she lat me know that my prescription had changed from

OD -7.50 -0.75 090
OS -7.25 -0.75 090

to the following:

OD -7.25 -1.00 091
OS -7.00 -1.00 092

Lucky me. She then went on to give me some paperwork and describe that now that i am over 50, retinal detachment and field of vision test are now needed. Not a problem at the moment you see just something to keep in the back of my mind for next time. Thanks for having your eyes check out. Please pay and come back in 2 years.

I went home and thought about what i was being told. Every time i went to this woman, I received a new script. I am tired of this. 40 years of progressively worse eyesight. Now the chance of surgery and complications. Thousands of dollars in glasses, contacts, opto vists and worry. Always getting worse. Never getting better. And paying for the privilege of being told you are helpless.

No thanks. No more. I am done. I

So, I started looking at the internet and discovered endmyopia. I am now on the path to better eyesight. I have taken the 7 day course. Reduced screen time, more outdoor time, breaks from the computer every 10 minutes, with longer breaks every 30 minutes, etc etc.

I have ordered my first differentials and normalized glasses. I have found a new path. It will not be easy. But I have had it with being bullshitted about my eyesight. I have had it lining the pockets of big corporations by allowing them to control my by fear and lies.

I am done with the status quo. Bring on the new!


Well said! Welcome to le Meow de la resistance!

Hi! I’m Mella~

I was prescribed glasses when I was 9 (Woah! 10 years already) but was too embarrassed to wear them until two years later. Then I started wearing them full time (bad idea :frowning:) My eyes used to get worse by 1 diopter every year, but after I started running as a hobby at school, my prescription started to plateau.

I discovered the Bate’s method on the Internet in 8th grade. I convinced my eye doctor to give me weaker glasses and started walking everywhere without glasses (with eyes at -4.5). I unintentionally walked past a lot of people I knew with my resting bitch face on and lost a few friends. I soon forgot about the Bate’s method because of the lack of results and wore weak glasses full time.

In February of this year, an endmyopia article popped up in my Google results because of a random question about glasses. I scrolled down and read the story about Corinne, which convinced me enough to at least try the email series (it hooked me in!). I measured my centimeters and went to my eye doctor. Surprisingly, the prescription that he gave me matched my centimeter measurements.

I had
OD -5.5 -0.25 180
OS -5.25

At home, I am blessed with a great balcony view of varying sizes of building signs and street signs. I do active focus on them at least 15 minutes each day. Currently, I am at
OD -4.75 -0.25
OS -4.75

Since April or May, I have been dropping by 0.25 every month. I even made a goal of getting to 20/20 by a certain year :wink: Even for my college dorm in the coming fall, I am trying to find one with a great view. I love doing active focus from my balcony and I am very much spoiled by it. :heart:


Hi, I’m Kit, and I’m a high myope! My prescription when I started with EndMyopia in March was
R: -16.00 -1.25 axis 32 Prism BU 1.00
L: -13.75 -2.25 axis 155 Prism BD 1.00
I used to wear contacts all day every day, but a few years ago, just could no longer tolerate them. I went to a vision therapist who put me in prisms, which helped, but recently my vision had worsened. I’ve also had wet macular degeneration 12 years ago, and some huge nasty floaters. I was quickly developing cataracts, but surgery for me would be tricky, and probably cause worse problems. I was getting frantic about being able to keep any vision into my later years.

I found EndMyopia when I was looking for natural ways to eliminate cataracts, which I have successfully done after seven months - no surgery needed! I read everything out there for natural vision improvement and tried the Bates Method several times in the past 23 years, with very little improvement. Jake’s explanation of how my eyes have worsened over the years was so full of sense, reason and science, I knew he was right and that it would work for me! I’m 56 but never felt age had anything to do with it because I’ve known 80- and 90-year-olds with great vision.

I changed my diet a year ago to a ketogenetic one, knowing that helping the brain would help my eyes. The diet has definitely helped! Eliminating sugar and its substitutes, grains, and high carbs has helped my eyes not to sting any more, among other improvements. And Endmyopia has helped not only begin to improve my vision, but my eyes no longer ache, I am not fighting to see. I know this will take a long time to work my way back, but I am so happy to finally have the ability to heal, and to see better and better each year!

I’m an extreme introvert, probably because of my lack of vision, and do a lot of up-close things. One thing Jake has helped me realize is that I don’t look out far very often - again, because I couldn’t see well, I learned not to. I realize that my level of awareness is low because of that, and I am now looking for fun things to do where I can look around more. Stepping away from the computer seems to be the hardest thing to do, and so rewarding once I do it. Changing habits.

I’m thankful for this community and for all the sharing of experiences that everyone is doing. Thank you Jake, for making this all happen!


Hi Kit,
welcome to the group!

Wow, that’s a pretty high prescription there, I thought mine at around 9 was high :wink:

You say you have successfully reverted your cataracts without surgery, that’s really quite intriguing and I’m very curious! I’m trying to educate myself about how to avoid cataract formation by diet, since I am at risk too with my high myopia. What exactly did you do to reverse them? Was the keto diet enough? Or did you also use some eye drops?

I heard that low levels of Vitamin C seem to play a major part with most cases of “age related” cataract, so I’m currently trying to eat more food that’s high in vit.C.

Cheers, Michael


I know - the one area I excel in is the one area I wish I was completely average! :wink:

My understanding is that age-related cataracts are from oxidative stress. Antioxidants are key, like vitamin C, and glutathione, also zeaxanthin or astaxanthin, plus eliminating things that cause that free radicals, hence why I changed my diet (for life).

Here’s what I did: I used the following as eye drops two or three times a day for six or seven months: Dexterity Health Liquid MSM with Vitamin C, Schwabe Cineraria Maritima which is a homeopathic remedy made in Germany, and the third thing was to put a drop of castor oil in each eye just before going to bed. The castor oil must meet three criteria - it has to be 100% pure, be organic, and contain no hexane. I got all these from Amazon, but Dr. Sam Berne from NM, USA also sells his version along with a glutathione spray. To get more glutathione in my system, I opted to instead eat a lot of cruciferous veggies, like cauliflower, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage and kale. I did try bulk glutathione powder and Dr. Berne’s spray once, but figured that diet was the better way to go. I also took up juicing vegetables for added nutrition, but only drink a glass about 2-3 times per week.

I don’t know if the drops all acted synergistically or if only one thing was mostly responsible. I was very desperate and rather than running a scientific experiment, I just chose to do them all. I started the castor oil about two months after the other two drops, so only did that about three or four months. I continue to use the Liquid MSM because Dr. Berne claims that it also helps with dissolving floaters, although he does say that it takes a very long time. I’ll wait - it’s worth it to eliminate them at some point! He warns against using a laser to eliminate floaters as it just breaks them up. My floaters are not as solid as they once were so I’ll keep going.

Thank you for your response, Michael, and for your welcome! It is terrific to be a part of this community. Did you start EndMyopia with 9 diopters or have you worked your way down to that? I’d be very interested in what you’ve discovered on your path to 20/20.

Cheers - Kit


Kit… Welcome to our world! :hugs: That’s fantastic progress on your reversal of cataracts. Your efforts have been way more ambitious than mine. Maybe I’ll need to add the castor oil and MSM. In the past 2 months I made dietary changes, minimized sugar, and started using the glutathione patches that purports to naturally increase levels by 300% while nothing enters the body. I use carnosine patches as well. Did you see a decrease in diopters after the 7 month protocol? Even without my -8.5 differential glasses, I can see clear text through the cataract cloudiness so not sure what my diopters are without the cataract.

Glad you found EM and stopped the bleeding. It can only get better :blush:


Hi guys! My name is Jenny and I’m a fairly quiet sort of person so it feels weird to be writing in a forum like this!

I was prescribed glasses for looking at the board in secondary school but didn’t wear them out of embarrassment. When my mum found this out she offered me contact lenses to wear instead (just like her) and I think you can guess the rest of the story…

After this I just accepted what I was being told by the professionals at each eye check-up and went on with life until a few years ago when I hit 30 and had a mini mid-life crisis. I started to think about all the things I’d like to do but hadn’t, in particular sporty things like to try surfing and do a triathlon, and realised that being myopic was one of the main reasons I hadn’t done them. It’s a bit sad really.

I went online and found a few sites that claimed to cure myopia, but the Todd Becker video on YouTube really made the most sense so I started to make some small changes to my vision habits and actually did have some success. It was probably because I didn’t understand the reasons behind the habit changes, or the mechanics of myopia itself, that I didn’t stick with it and so slipped back into the bad old habits - habits made worse by getting a nice shiney new phone!

The turning point for me came in July last year when my partner and I went to the Highlands with family and went wild swimming in a Loch. Now, I know you’re not supposed to swim wearing contact lenses but I was so fed up of being held back by my short sightedness that I though “f&*k it” and jumped in. It was a wonderful experience, but throughout the time we were in the water I was worried about my lenses - were they going to wash out? Would I get an eye infection? Is that
duck looking at me funny or can I just not see properly because I got water in my eye?

I searched the internet again that evening and found so signed up for the emails and the rest is history! To cut a long story short I have just dropped down to -2.50 R and -2.75 L which is about 1 diopter in each eye and feel confident that some day I will be lense-free. More importantly and because of the information on and what I’ve learned, I know that my 10 week-old baby will grow up never to need lenses despite both her parents being myopia/astigmatic, and that as she gets older I’ll never have to tell her I can’t join in with an activity she wants to do simply because I can’t see properly without lenses.

Wishing everyone on Le Meow the best for their myopia-destroying endeavours! :smile:


Thanks, Mare, for your warm welcome!

I’m intrigued about your use of glutathione and carnosine patches - where did you first hear about them and where do you get them? What changes have you noticed?

I didn’t have diopter trouble so much with the cataracts - instead everything started to look like a silhouette if the light was bright - I kept looking at my glasses to see if they were dirty! I felt the cataracts were developing rapidly though and wanted to try everything ASAP to see if something would counter them. I no longer have that veiled view, which makes it easier to see now when I succeed in my active focus work or not.

Thanks for sharing your experience with me - good to know there are lots of options for healing out there! :wink: