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Hi everyone,

I’m an A Level sutudent in the UK. I noticed my eyesight began to deteriorate during the first lockdown, and in November 20/20 I was told I have -0.5 D and -0.75 D myopia. Whilst this doesn’t sound like a massive problem, I have always wanted to become a pilot and it is likely now that I won’t be able to unless I can get back to 20/20. I found edmyopia after extensive research online in December, but I have also tried Todd Becker’s methods and I have researched the Bates method with much scepticism. Since finding out I have myopia, I have found my mental health deteriorating, particularly since my family and optometrist do not believe it is possible to reverse myopia.

I have been trying Jake’s method since December, but I have seen no improvement or results yet; I’m not sure if this is because I study so intensely for my school so haven’t been albe to clear my ciliary spasm, or if I’m just doing it wrong.

I have tried to improve my distance vision more by going for a dog walk or a run every day and I also try to practice the 202020 rule. As I am a student, I wear plus lenses when doing my work, and I have noticed that I can clear some blur whilst wearing these glasses but not when I’m looking to the distance at something slightly blurry. Is this active focus or not?

I was hoping there would be someone on here who was in a similar situation to me and has some advice as to how they got back to 20/20 or have any tips for me to try.


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Welcome! You are so close! You may want to read everything you can about low myopia and the last diopter. Here is one article from the wiki:

Hi everyone, I’m just starting my endmyopia journey. My current contact prescription is -2.5 & -2.75 but I’ve been measuring daily and the results are pointing more towards -2 & -2.25. I plan to get new glasses and stop wearing contacts. From reading the information on the wiki I think I might just need differentials to help me when I’m working. Can’t wait to get normalised and start to AF


Hello guys. Ahmad Samra here. Originally started with -5.75 diopters on both eyes. I wore this prescription for like 6 years and I never knew that there is any way to enhance my vision. I got to know about endmyopia from researching ways to improve eyesight. I had hope that I can improve my eyesight somehow. Myopia has been part of my life since childhood, I wore contact lenses for 2 years, and I even consulted a doctor for a lasik surgery but luckily he was a good doctor to tell me not to do it, especially that he found my cornea to be thin and has a high chance to get complications after the surgery. Basically you can tell myopia has taken a good part of my life, and I lived through everything myopia had to offer and I tried everything to get back my vision or at least stop wearing glasses. With myopia as high as -5.75 basically glasses are eternally part of your face. I knew there was hope for me to get rid of glasses somehow despite mainstream narrative telling me that it is impossible. I knew and experienced other medical frauds (you might think fraud is a big word but it isn’t) and so I lost trust and confidence in many mainstream narratives. I was open to any proposed solution for my eyesight until I found this site.

Now I have been doing active focus and the tips for 2 months and I kid you not I improved to almost -4 diopters on both eyes. I was okay with slow progress and that was what I was expecting anyways at the beginning. I was expecting a period of 5 years until I reverse all of the jumble of diopters I got but I was not expecting my progress to be this fast and I am very proud and glad about it.

I want to thank God for this gift so far, I also want to thank the owner of this site Jake Steiner. I will update on my progress and let’s see how far I can reach.


Hi everyone. I originally learned about endmyopia in about October 2020 but didn’t start until January 2021. When my vision was tested in December 2020 it was sph -6.5/ cyd -1.25 both eyes. Been wearing glasses since I was about 7or 8. Currently wearing -4.75/-1.25 normalize after six months. Plan on trying to reduce cylinder now.


Hi! My name is Diana. I am a 47-year old wife, mom of 3, living in the US. I recently found this site after being diagnosed with retinal tears and being told they were just a part of my extreme nearsightedness. Nothing could be done. I am a preventative person versus a reactive one health wise but never thought about my eyes! I began to search the internet and stumbled into this forum after going through the 7-day emails. I have no idea what I am doing. But, I took out my contacts and put on my glasses because I see less clearly with them on before I did computer work in the evening and noticed a change in the blurry spots from the retinal tears after only a few days. So I bought differentials and am trying to figure the rest out. I am -8.5 in the left and -9.00 in the right in my contact prescription.


Hey! Azra here, found this online after cancelling my appointment for Lasik. Was getting so much anxiety and the Lasik doctor freaked me out by trying to upsell me and telling me about the risks of the standard treatment all my friends got, which turned me off Lasik entiiirely thanks doc. My brother and dad had been using other programs and it helped them a littttle so figured Id start too. Did a couple weeks of another program, prematurely changed my prescription for my glasses, and then by some internet miracle fell onto the end myopia program. Now trying to figure out my actual numbers, doing as much outside time as I can (its almost 50 degrees during the day here in dubai, help lol) which means just before sunset and just after sunrise is the only bearable time. This has been confusing (the numbers thing, you know how it be newbies) but also great. Im getting more confidence in knowing my actual numbers, and really enjoying the lifestyle changes of LESS screen time and more outdoors time even tho its a sauna out there.

Thank you! Such an amazing community and so much free information!


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Hello everyone! I’m a young student who wants to improve my eyesight! In fact, I found out about EM probably in summer of 2020 but I finally stopped procrastinating for the sake of my eyes and started actually learning in the summer of 2021.

Here’s my story: In third grade, I couldn’t read the board and asked my teacher if I could switch seats to somewhere closer. Instead, she wrote a note for my mom to get me glasses! So, I got glasses, but actually never wore them since I hated the way they looked. So every time I needed to see something, I always squinted, but in 6th grade, I got new glasses and actually started to wear them. My eyes weren’t that bad, until learning on the computer for hours straight with no breaks and just staying at home during the pandemic. I was using my distance glasses for closeup and took them off any other time. But anyway, I was so upset because my eyes were starting to get worse, so I decided to finally “try” EM! I hope I can start improving soon! Thanks for reading!


Hello everyone I’m new here. Right glad am I that this forum exists and I can keep Facebook at bay!

I was given glasses on my seventh birthday, I’m now 66. What a cool present, pointy diva glasses for a skinny, small, two plaited creature! Of course the usual admonishments were given. I was scared I would go blind, so I wore them - and disliked my looks. I don’t know what I started with, but by nine it was - 4.50. It stayed that way till about 7 or 8 years ago, when it slowly started climbing. It is now -6.50 in both eyes.

I asked someone I know who teaches Better Vision to help when my power went up to -6.00 four years ago. That didn’t stop the climb, maybe because I don’t wear reading specs. I have noticed my visual world getting smaller, and I am really heartened to read that so many people here have been able to improve their myopia and even their cataracts. I hope I too will see progress. And even if I don’t, (too old, too stupid, something else wrong) I am glad someone has made it his mission to help keep eyes healthy. Thanks, Jake, and all the forum members.

I am slowly going through the Rough Guide and getting suitably confused, so only biting off as much as I can chew. I’m applying the 20/20 rule, not reading much, have completely stopped reading on the kindle and the phone (except for a bit of Whatsapp), use reading glasses, go out twice a day and cloud-watch a lot. The next step will be figuring out my differentials and normalised, and finding castor oil eye drops. My eyes are a bit dry, but I have IBS and can’t take fish or flaxseed oil.

Thank you Jake for replying to all my emails, and thank you everyone for posting your stories. I hope I’ll be posting some progress one day too.


I am still trying to figure how to post. But, minutes later I got my (new) reduced strength computer/near glasses. Just a note for my journey that the reduced prescription is:
OD - Right

(SPH) -3.50

(CYL) -1.00

Axis 172

OS - Left

(SPH) -4.75

(CYL) -0.75

Axis 9



PD R: 29.0 L: 30.0

So about - 2 diopters from my latest official script. I can see my screen well!


Congratulations on your success. How did you manage school work? Did your daughter (-4,-4.25) wore differentials?


Nice to meet you all, I’m Julia (now 32 years old) and I’m living in Latvia.

Basic background -

I’ve studied philosophy and worked in different roles (project management, customer service, finances, sales).

Currently I enjoy mastering my selling skills.

What motivated me to improve my vision -

  1. Insecure feeling is the primary reason. I hate the dependence on glasses!
  • I want to be able to do outdoor activities (hiking, cycling, swimming, climbing, sailing etc.) without worrying about my glasses or lenses.
  1. I don’t like when glasses get stains (get dirty) or when they slide down my nose. It’s super inconvenient.

How I found endmyopia -

By searching for vision improvement solutions on youtube. I checked out a lot of videos until I finally clicked on Jake’s video :slight_smile:

Other stuff I’ve tried -

The usual - eye exercises (Bates method, Norbekov’s book), not using my glasses at all for a while.

To be honest, I can’t remember it all. I think I have tried everything I found (except eye vitamins).

Diopters -

I got my first pair of glasses when I was 12 or 13 years old.

Highest diopter -5. That number seriously scared me. I couldn’t force myself to buy new glasses.

Current lenses - 3.25 (right) and -3.75 (left).

My normalized have the same diopters (I know - they shouldn’t be).

It’s easy to clear the blur with lenses but it’s not as easy with glasses (more blur makes it less fun). I will order 0.25 stronger glasses to correct this.

I read Jake’s 7 day e-mail guide 48 month ago, got where I’m now and then ‘forgot about it’ for ~ two years.

I was too busy with my close up addictions and working on getting rid of the addictions (TV, youtube, reading, phone).

Now I’m back :slight_smile:


Until I got glasses in 9th grade, I was the only one in my family without them. I was devastated when my vision started to blur, and always thought that I could have avoided it if I just knew what I was doing wrong. For the first few years I never wore glasses when I didn’t think I needed them, but in the last few years I started teaching and felt like it would be weird to take them off and on all the time. Last summer, after two years teaching, my vision was getting bad enough with my old prescription that I had trouble reading street signs when I went somewhere new. I got a prescription of -3.25 in both eyes with -0.75 cyl in both. It was really nice at first to have great vision again, but slowly my eyes began to adapt. This summer I refused to get a stronger prescription even though I was having trouble with signs again. This finally encouraged me to find this site and the Todd Becker video.

At first (early July) I was measuring my distance to blur at around 26-28cm, but now I’m back up above 30 and have even had a few days of 35cm. At the very least, I have sharp vision again with my prescription but I want to bring it on down. Currently I’m waiting on my reduced-strength glasses to arrive so I can spend more time improving.


Hello everyone! It’s nice to be here. :slight_smile:

My name is Ema and I currently live in a forest somwhere in Germany.
I’m starting off with -5 in my right eye, and -4,75 in my left eye.
I have discovered that is overprescribtion and that’s why my eyes get so darn tired all the time since the new prescribtion (year and a half ago). I’m lucky that I spend a lot of time outside and even when I’m sitting behind a computer I constantly take time to look out the window at the trees, because my eyes just keep getting tired.
I have worn contacts for around 9-10 years now. I hate glasses. They limit my vision and my movement. A year ago I bought a pair, so I would use the for my screen time. Big mistake, my head hurt like hell and I just couldn’t really focus (and everything makes sense now :D).

And I’ve always known that there must be a natural way to make them see better.
A few years ago I’ve discovered print pushing. It was suggested that one must do about 2 hours of print pushing a day for results. And without any glasses. Since I’m blind as a bat there was no way that was going to happen.

So 2 weeks ago in desperation to make something good for my eyes I found endmyopia. Awesome! :scream_cat: :smile_cat:I did the 7 day free program, read the blogs, watched videos and a lot of content on this forum.

I’m writing and posting links and my measurements in a word document so I always have content handy when I need it. I’m currently waiting for my first differentials to arrive in the post. :partying_face:

I love researching and discovering new things, so this DIY thing is perfect for me.

That’s all for now.
I’m really looking forward to the journey. It’s gonna be awesome.

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Hey there Sight-Seekers. Still getting the hang of this forum, so just catching up on protocols.

I’m currently writing a novel (so lots of screen time), but I also raise livestock and veg on our home farm. Years ago I noticed animals are the product of their nutrition, lifestyle and environment, and this is what made me realise that my health and eyesight might be too.

I looked into Bates, Vision Training, Reiki, Yoga and even NLP but EM made the most sense to me. Progress has been slow and hard. Partly because my L eye is so much worse than the R (sph+cyl+amblyopia), but mainly because I took some wrong turns due to trying to go it alone. Lately I have been reading Le Meow updates and realising the benefits of this forum for sharing and bouncing ideas. It’s encouraging to read how you all keep each other on-track and motivated.

My goal is to be lens-free in 5 years. Now that I’ve woken up to Le Meow I might just make it :slight_smile:


Hello! I’ll be here for the next 5+ years. Slow and steady wins back my vision!

The hard part will be finding a whole new lifestyle that involves more outdoors time, but that was already on my to-do list, so it works out. The internet is so tasty, but I’ve already been trying to reduce my internet time since it existed. Before that, it was more books.

I like to garden when I have access to a garden. I like to hike when I have access to hiking. I walk and trike for transportation. My little dog takes me for walks.

You can follow my diopter history on my user page on the endmyopia wiki.