New here - my journal

Hello everyone, this is my first post. Here is a quick history of my myopia.

Glasses since I was 13. (I am 39 now). Probably got up to 4 diopters or so by the time I was 24 and then I had Lasik surgery. It worked well but by 30 years old, I needed glasses again at least for night time driving. I started with -0.25 diopters. Only wore as necessary until 2016 when I got a pair for -1.5 and started wearing all day including in front of the computer for 8 hours a day for work. My vision got worse from there and I was up to 2.25 by 2018. From that point I realized what was happening and stopped going to my current optometrist. Last year I skipped my vision check all together and this year went to a new optometrist and specifically told them to keep my current prescription. All of this happened before I learned about endmyopia.

I am now 3 weeks in, here is a bullet point of what I’m doing.

  • wearing -2.00 diopters as my normalized. (I know it’s not recommended to jump into normalized right away but I didn’t read this until I already started, now I dont want to confuse my brain more by going back to my full prescription) I actually can see 20/20 with these though. There is blur challenge once I reach a certain distance depending on what I’m trying to read so I think they work.

  • for differentials, I use my first prescription -.25. They work well to give some blur challenge while on the computer.

  • I have a computer job but i try to take 3 small walks each day outside. Take breaks from the computer. I probably avg 1 break every 30 min.

  • I try to limit smart phone use but I do get caught about once a day digging through it for maybe 15 to 20 minutes. Then the rest of the day I’m only checking and putting it back. I would say I average 1.5 hours daily.

As for active focus, I started by blinking and noticing a slight clear up of vision but it would only last a half second. Last week I was able to hold it a bit longer and even started to get it without blinking. I can’t do this consistently though, sometimes I just can’t do it at all. The feeling I get is like my eyes are reaching out and grabbing the image. Everything else around the image kind of goes into somewhat of a circle that is around the image.

So far I haven’t noticed any improvement based on my measurements. I’m around 39 to 41 cm until blur.

So I just want to know if any experts here can critique what I’m doing. Is it ok that I haven’t seen any measurement improvement yet after 3 weeks? Anything I am doing wrong? Is my description of active focus correct or is that not it at all?

Thanks for reading!


my last update was about 3 weeks ago. My habits haven’t really changed. Some days are bad and I’m on the phone a bit more than I want to be but for the most part I think I average 1 - 2 hours per day but I’m particularly bad about it at night right before bed, I tend to pull it out and look at twitter for updates on various things. I do go out on walks twice a day about and do around 20 minutes of active focus. I do believe I have active focus down. My measurements for the most part are the same. Some days better than others but they range between 35cm to 44cm. Usually mornings are the worst for me and around the afternoon with sunlight, they are best.

One thing I notice is how refereshed and alert my eyes are after a good walk with active focus. I may have felt tired and a bit sluggish before but after a 20 minute walk outside with a lot of active focus, it’s like my eyes all sudden are clear of whatever gunk was in there that was making me feel tired and i’m now wide awake. I wonder if anyone else experience that? Today it happened and then I went inside and watched a 3 hour movie with my daughter. By the time I was done my eyes didn’t feel so alert anymore, so i took another walk, did active focus, came back and my eyes felt refreshed again.

Right now my normalized glasses are 2.00 (drop from 2.25 my full prescription). With these I can see 20/20 but not more than that. I have almost no blur challenge inside the house (or I struggle to find anything to active focus on) but outdoors I get plenty. Street Signs that are around 75 feet away I can get that blur challenge with.

I already ordered my next pair of normalized, not bc I feel my eyes improved but just because the -2.00 may not give me enough blur challenge when I’m in the house. They still look very clear to me and I’m wondering if that’s why I’m not getting any noticeable improvement?

I’ll check back in once I get my new pair.

This is pretty well known. The scientific literature sometimes refers to it as “accomodative training”. Its essentially active focus. Its definitely good to do a good ‘workout’ after a screen session to get rid of any ciliary spasm or blurring.

EM suggest at least 4-6 weeks getting used to a new set of glasses. So I doubt after 3 weeks you’ll see dramatic changes. But you should be recording your CM measurments. You should be seeing CM changes within 3 weeks.

Thanks, I’ll research accommodative trailing

No big need. Thats the nerdy science term. If you just concentrate on learning EM’s active focus and knowing how to avoid your ciliary muscle locking up that is enough.

my last update was 3 weeks ago. Today I got my first noticeable jump in CM measurement. I always measure at 230pm in my office room as that’s when the sun is at the right angle where I’m getting max lighting, so I’m always comparing apples to apples. My measurement has gone from 44cm roughly 3 weeks ago to 48 / 50cm today. It may just be a 1 off thing so I’m not getting my hopes too high in case they drop down again tomorrow. I started keeping a log of how much out door time I get each day. I average between 1 to 1.5h. This only counts when i’m actually outdoors doing active focus. I would like to get up to 2 hours but with the sun going down after 530pm it is very difficult especially with work. Weather for the past week has also been dark and rainy, so that hasn’t helped. I also got my new normalized a couple weeks ago. They are -1.75 each. It feels like the proper blur challenge. My previous normalized pretty much felt like 20/20 indoors with things less than 20ft away and outdoors active focus happened only with text on signs. Now when I look at houses in a distance, I can tell the picture is not perfect 20/20 and I can active focus things like the bricks and the mortar inbetween. The normalized may be a reason for my improvements, just having these on all day unconsciously active focusing throughout the day may be a driver to the improvements as opposed to before when I spent majority of the day feeling like I had 20/20 vision with the exception of far away signs. The measurements today are exciting and I just hope that it stays consistent, there is always a chance I measured inconsistently from previous measurements but i measured twice today and tried to not be too optimistic.


I’ve been lazy about posting, thus i haven’t posted since December but wanted to give an update. In my last post I mentioned having achieved 50cm distance measurement. Since then the measurements fluctuated a great deal but never again have they gone above 50cm. 50cm is a good day, other days it could be as low as 41cm. (Same lighting condition and time of day too).

I have also gone from the -1.75 to -1.50 (Most likley against the recommendation as I never did feel I got 20/20 with the -1.75 but due to that, I jumped the gun and got a new normalized thinking maybe I’m not getting enough blur challenge).

The -1.75 give me about 20/30 vision from the SNELLEN Chart which I about right for normalized glasses but I dropped to 1.5 which put me around 20/40 which I heard is acceptable too. Well after about 3 months of -1.50 I gained no progress either.

During all this time though, I will admit I dont’ get 2 to 3 hours of outdoor time. At best it might be an hour. (maybe 2 hours if driving counts). My habits on the phone are not terrible but could be better. I tend to look at my phone often but quick glances to check stuff and then I turn my face away. I rarely sit on the phone for longer than 5 minute stretch but like I said, it is often though. A quick check here and there. So in short my habits could be better.

I also stopped wearing my differentials. I can see pretty clear up to about 40cm at least so I figured i can just go with out my glasses and print push from 40cm. However I found that wearing my differentials allowed me to sit more comfortably and made the short distance active focus easier. So as of 2 weeks ago I went back to wearing differentials.

Regarding my normalized, due to lack of progress - I tried wearing my -2.00 (This is my first pair of normalized). These glasses give me 20/20 on the Snellen which is the reason why I went down but they still don’t give me as much clarity as my full dr prescription which is -2.25. So I decieded to go back to wearing them today and I found active focus outside was much easier, and I was able to hold the active focus longer. With my weaker normalized I could still do actice focus but i couldn’t hold it long and obviously I had to be at a closer distance.

So perhaps I jumped the gun and wasted the last 6 months? I’m kind of starting back to square 1 today .

Hey, here is my personal advice.
For vision improvement you need a habit with DISTANCE TEXT READING,
so you can clear up blurry text at the distance by blinking.
This is the only work, which will improve your eyes.
Do not expect any vision improvement just by wearing lower glasses, looking at random things and going outside.

Vision improvement works only by stimulation and you can only stimulate your eyeballs to shorten by reading slightly blurry text at the distance and clear it up by blinking.

And it will take time to improve. In the beginning maybe only a few weeks, but at some point you will need to wait 3-4 months to notice, that you can use lower glasses.

If you have stimulated enough, you will notice that it takes for your eyes only a few seconds to clear up the blurry text, then you understand your eyes have really improved and there is no big challenge anymore. In the beginning it takes always at least 10 minutes or much more, because it is a new big blur challenge for the eyes.

So you see the TIME OF CLEARING UP BLUR is what tells you, WHEN TO SWITCH to lower glasses.

If you are struggeling with clearing up blur, just do it when you are tired. Then, when you give a yawn, you will notice a very sharp text because your eye muscles are relaxed at most.

All the other concepts of normalized and differentials are just needed to prevent more myopia and to be able to live and function without having eye strain, which blocks vision improvement.

So my way to improve is using a TV in 3 meter distance as my computer screen. This is the only way for me how I can do it without wasting time for vision improvement. I use the right glasses, which force me to blink all the time, when I need to clear up blurry text.

Important is you need a good big text, so your eyes can focus on it very easy when you blink. As a reference for 3 meter distance the small letter “o” should be like 2cm high and 1,5cm wide. That text size works great to focus and clear up blur.
Too small text size does not work, you would blink a lot but the eyes can not focus on it good and then your eyes would strain and get worse etc. I use windows magnifier, which I activate by a side mouse click, to be able to read small textes without straining my eyes. It works by zooming into the screen,
So these are important details which I had to find out on my own.

For me this is the reality: people who want to improve their vision, need to find a habit with distance text reading. And TV is the best thing in combination with computer even more.
I use even my smartphone with the computer through the program scrcpy.
I want to do a youtube channel about it.
I could never walk down the streets and try to active focus on random things, because the glasses strength would never match with text distance and text sizes and you need to do it daily for some hours. I just can not understand how other people can improve their eyes without using a TV. You need the right glasses for the right distance and for the right text size. You could do it with printed text an a wall, but this is boring as hell and also a big life time waster on just vision improvement. I write this text and improve my vision by doing this right now, because I read it on my TV in 3 meter distance.

Try to live your life as normal as possible, just replace your computer screen with a TV and use your smartphone also through the computer.
Then you have privately no close up screens.

Of course there will be higher energy costs, but damn, I would not destroy my eyes with a smartphone screen to save energy costs. I will use my 75" TV for the rest of my life.
A 60 " TV would have been also fine and less energy consuming.

By the way I do not measure actively my vision, because it is senseless. 0.25 is a really small change. And you need 3-4 months to improve 0.25. So measuring would make only sense after 6-8 months. Anyway I see automatically while using my TV if my eyes have improved. Now I ordered EyeQue and hope to get some confirmation with it. But still it would only make sense to check after 3-4months. Daily or weekly measurements are absolutely senseless.

By the way Im maybe only 50 days outside in 1 year. Vision improvement still works.