New Hindi 🇮🇳 Subtitled Videos 📺

Repost From Teh Facebooks:

New videos that now feature Hindi subtitles.

Special :india::shushing_face: members heads-up: Some of you, a bit infamous for not reading group rules and bugging me with PMs and all that fun stuf.

Do not :warning: come requesting more subtitles for videos, this stuff is done by community members who graciously share their time and skills.

General rule, you want stuff, better be contributing something. Jakey and the group, not a substitute for the search function, and contributing. :wink:

Active Focus 1:

Active Focus 2:

Active Focus 3:

Active Focus 4:


[So the subtitles were put together by someone?{instead of the internet auto-translation?(don’t know how it works)}]
Great job though! I’d be happy to contribute.


if there is something up let me know if I can help
I have watched the videos it’s good but why aren’t these in proper Hindi
Language it’s much more familiar then in (English+Hindi)
I asked my sister to watch one video because she was brought up by Hindi school
She told it would be much more convinient if it was dubbed in hindi

Proper Hindi?

So … whenever you see something, it means somebody spent time creating it. Probably me, or probably one of the 1% of people who contribute anything back. :wink:

In this case, nobody has volunteered for “proper Hindi” work. Or I haven’t paid somebody. I usually say, be the change you want to see in the world. If you want proper Hindi videos, you definitely should be the one creating them.

Otherwise … :man_shrugging:

Sounds like you’re somewhat volunteering though, so best place to start would be to check out this channel:

And then coordinate with her possibly. Since I don’t speak the language. :wink:

(Also there are a ton of Hindi videos linked in the Facebook group.)