New Journey

Hello everyone!!
So, I have quite high myopia,
Left: 1.75 Right: 3.25
Just went to the optometrist a few days back and got this new prescription with more huge glasses and a mental breakdown to my deteriorating eyesight.
Then I started searching on YouTube for some tricks for eyesight improvement and chanced upon Endmyopia. Call it a coincidence or destiny.
Understood how my eyesight deterioration was actually due to my glasses, and since have started using my old glasses as differentials for computer work and rarely use glasses while reading. Have started going outside and looking at distant objects with differentials every three hours of screen time. And also started measuring my eyesight. Probably I am measuring it wrong cause I get around 20-22 cm for left eye and 11-12 cm for right eye and that just makes me have another mental breakdown but I am trying to tell myself not to lose hope. All these posts help me a lot. Have also began practicing active focus every now and then with and without glasses.
Hoping to improve soon! Wish me luck!

  • Muskan Mittal

Wow if you consider that high. That’s low myopia trust me

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Welcome! Do not fret. In the scope of myopia it’s really not high and you can start progress anywhere. It’s great you are starting now. Good luck on your journey.

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Yes, maybe it’s not too much but whenever I measure my eyesight for both eyes I don’t understand why it comes like really low? (Like I mentioned left : 20-22 cm and right: 11-12 cm)

With your full correction (-3.25/-1.75) can you read 20/20 on the Snellen chart? If so, maybe the measuring is not entirely refined yet.

I did not try that yet but when I close my left eye with my glasses on I see a little blur from the right eye. So probably the optometrist didn’t check my eyes properly and my vision is more bad.
That’s highly depressing :frowning_face:

Do you have cyl in your prescription that you haven’t considered for the cm measurement?
1D cyl = 0.5D sph

I did try measuring my axis though I didn’t get any result because maybe I am measuring it wrong.
The optometrist also never calculated my cylinder or axis.
Of god! I don’t know, I probably do have astigmatism also

I would suggest looking at this image in low light and try to see if any of the lines are more blurry than others, try it at the edge of blur

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