New Le Meow Cover Art 🤔

Kittehz. Gentle-peoplez. Fellow darling group members.

We’ve been on some really big podcasts lately (on a release schedule, stay tuned).

It is vaguely embarrassing how little seeming effort we put into our appearances. The header of this forum, literally a stock image with the watermark still on it.

Same for the Facebook group.

It all just says “we could give a f*ck”.

Which … I guess is in part accurate?

But then you’re on a show talking to a guy who’s getting literally millions of downloads, and he’s asking you about links to your social to promote, and you’re getting this mental image flash of your visual storytelling about who you are.

A stock photo of graffiti, with a watermark on it.

Yikes. Really, really. Yikes.

I’ve been looking for answers to this for a while now, since.

Definitely not any of these.

Not easy since it’s not easy to actually visually relate the vibe of what we are. DIY-ers, with curiosities and ambitions to sort out our own issues. Fringe but science type directions. Silly but serious. Anti-social (looking at you “the forum should never be found by anyone”), but yet welcoming at the same time. Beards, but not actually.

Yes I’m overthinking it. An endmyopia logo on a white background. A doodle of some vision related something. Done.

Or not. Posting this just in case it floats in the direction of somebody who knows how to visually relate all this abstract-ness.

  1. Burn the current one with fire, I got adblock to remove it etc

One that’s floated is @Viceroy.Sam’s picture of holding his glasses to the sky, maybe with an EM logo.

Minimalist EM on white background is a good stopgap and would be an upgrade.

Also I’m actually a huge fan of the cover art on the top row with the Snellen charts, looks classy and nice, maybe for Facebook only.

Due to podcasts with big boys maybe lay ‘Le Meow’ to rest now and go for a more utilitarian ‘Endmyopia Forum’.

Longer term consider no graffiti/street art on BackTo20/20?


I think this one with Jake being the model would be great :smiley:



I do genuinely like the first one to be honest…


I get where you’re coming from but there’s nothing wrong with ‘Le Meow’ :sob:

Agreed about the first one, it’s sober and powerful. :slight_smile:


It’s alright, it’s home, but it makes no sense to anyone else :memethinking:

A more professional appearance would help in keeping a “we are 100% legit” impression.

But seriously, overdoing it makes it look like an ad. :expressionless: :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :nauseated_face: :face_vomiting:

Can’t we just put Jake’s face on a black background, a side of his face blurred, the middle semi-blurry and another side of his face crystal clear? Like some sort of blur to clear gradient, an improvement progression symbolism of sorts???

Could someone remind me how professional we should look? :sweat_smile:


I agree but the argument needs massaging. As soon as you say “it makes no sense to anyone” I instantly want to keep it FOREVAH.

Yes, totally sane.

#18 below sort of could work.

Something that’s modular, keeps the logo bit as thematic design bit, then we can play with what is part of the visual? Of course the blurry face would have to have Sean’s sagely beard and Andrew’s properly blue eyeballs and and however else we would of course compose the actual guru-face.

The real dream is a cartoon / illustration style that could carry through the whole entire story from site to youtube to apps, etc and could be used to illustrate concepts and people and everything. But that’s a long shot, unlikely to find the time and ambition to make that happen now.

They did step up their design game.

A thin veneer of initial oh-welcome-come-in-nice-to-see-you, is all I’m thinking here. Or at least like we put in some effort.

Not too ad-like or professional since that’ll make me claustrophobic and perhaps others get the wrong idea about what kind of advice they might get. :grimacing:

But … but … we just called the measuring app, the “meow-suring” app. :grimacing: (actually though that was just to really really make sure we could get the friggin thing into the app store and move on with actual development).

Imagine a global settings switch, like dark mode. “Turn off the jokes” mode.


Of course this is all procrastination within procrastination within procrastination.

Ultimately of no real consequence and the sort of things ole VanderJaken is doing instead of answering podcast interview scheduling requests and BackTo20/20 support questions, and still-empty pages for intended new video scripts.

We do have a random podcast though and Youtube and this forum, and Facebook group, and app, … so much stufft that could use a semi consistent visual theme.


It’s only been 12 hours but I think we have a clear winner in the polls. (Also shoutout to HK)

I’m SO easily distracted. Would have 100% forgotten to look at this today. Can I just hire you already to be in charge of some of these things? :grimacing:

Great helpful feedback in there also, passed on to the designer.

Also thanks @halmadavid for the thoughts in there. I’m entirely lost with all of these things to be honest, and I start all these threads of things to do which then usually end up half baked (like everything here). Super helpful to get the nudges to move things beyond just my casual efforts. :+1:t2::+1:t2::+1:t2::+1:t2:


I put these in the FB group too but may as well put them here as options for discussion


Yea. Background could maybe be slightly more contextual in some direction.

But thematically using the logo as a foreground as consistent element could move the non-design aspect of things slightly up the ladder.


yeh its the most flexible option.
Also I personally don’t like ‘over-design’. Something simple that anyone can do with some basic graphic skills and a good graphic ‘eye’.
Don’t want to be locked into having to keep coming back to a Graphic Designer every time you need a slight update.
Same rule as optometrists, get off the graphic designer ‘subscription’ lol.

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How about something like this, but with a better photo and by an actual graphic designer?


I’m not sure what I could do that would be worth hiring for lol. I mean seems like everything’s already covered. (Am unemployed though as of this post.)

I would like to hear more about this. I draw cartoon characters :eyes:


Give it up for Amanda, who literally works at Disney :hushed:


@NottNott Shhhh :shushing_face: hahaha :wink:

I’m not sure if I can help but I can try when I have the time. Work is always demanding and i seem to always take on projects after work…Eyes can’t catch a break :stuck_out_tongue:


Just imagine… @jakey as a disney princess :dancer: with the help of a :unicorn:, fighting against the evil optometrist :japanese_ogre: