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Hello guys, my name is Anna! :slight_smile: My adventure with myopia started at 15yo when I was prescribed LE -1.5 RE -1.75 (no astigmatism). I wore those glasses for about a year - after that time I noticed a slight deterioration in my right eye acuity (couldn’t see small letters clearly on a TV screen with my glasses on). After that memorable event, I ditched my glasses altogether at the age of 16, never to wear them again. Six years have gone by and my vision hasn’t changed a bit, my old glasses still give me pretty much 20/20 vision today, with some insubstantial blur when looking at small, distant inscriptions.
Recently I was experimenting with Bates method which only gave mi initial results, I suppose it helped me a bit with ciliary spasm but didn’t provide any stable improvement. And then I found endmyopia. I’m a 22yo student who despite online classes doesn’t have much screen time on a daily basis, with lots of free time that I try to spend on walks. :wink: I feel like due to coronavirus situation I’m in a perfect place in my life to make the most of endmyopia and its recommendations, so I’d really like to get real with this business. Of course since the journey with eyesight improvement usually starts with good normalized glasses I was wondering whether I should get myself 0.25 reduced glasses (LE -1.25 RE -1,5) because I am not sure whether my old ones give me enough blur challenge. Any advice on how to discern that?
Greetings from Poland, by the way :slight_smile:


See to which line you can read easily on a 6m Snellen chart. If you can read the 20/20 line easily, you most probably do not have enough blur challenge. If you can only read to the 20/40 line, you probably have the right amount of blur challenge.You can find a 6m Snellen chart online, to print on 2 A4 sheets. You can also buy a more solid commercial one.

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It might also be interesting to see how far you can read on the same Snellen chart without wearing your glasses.