New "Miyosmart Lens" that curbs myopia progression

There’s a new lens available that claims… “Based on a two-year clinical trial results, MiyoSmart is proven to curb myopia progression in children in average by 60% with its award-winning D.I.M.S. (Defocus Incorporated Multiple Segments) technology.”

It doesn’t look like it is available in the US yet. And some optometrists have been recommending it for adult patients.

They measured myopia and axial elongation separately and the study showed the lens slowed them both.

0.53 mm axial elongation means about 0.95 D increase in myopia, and 0.18 mm of elongation means an increment of 0.37 D.

0.95 / 0.53 = (1.75)
0.37 / 0.18 = (2.00)

From there we see that 1 mm increase of AL would mean 1.75-2.00 D more myopia with slight variations. That’s in kids (but might be well true for adults), and could include accelerated lens thinning associated with myopia progression in children.

@jakey Sorry to say but this is how you do it properly to get that private island. :sweat_smile:

  1. you don’t frighten people away by saying you can reverse myopia - just say these glasses can slow myopia progression or even stop it (by the way, the simple 6 dollar differentials from Zenni worn close up can do the same, too, but who cares, see point 2. below…)
  2. sell something tangible, so people feel that they invested in The Solution (don’t just ask them to use free knowledge from a website or forum)
  3. sell it at a high price to prove it is a scientific solution developed by the hard work of highly valued wise researchers in expensive labs (cannot be free or cheap sorry)
  4. make sure it doesn’t threaten the general opto industry (see point 1. above), make sure it gives the impression that optos can still sell their usual 2-dollar-curved-plastics or these special ones in designer frames

@jetpad thanks for sharing this
Interesting that the first kid’s photo actually suggests he is wearing reading glasses (no gaps between the head and the frame in the glasses at the outer sides)
Interesting that despite their revolutionary invention they aren’t even suggesting that myopia is reversible.
The pic you linked from the article looks like the pinhole glasses to me. Eliminating blur by contrasting correction? And maybe also giving slightly lower prescription at distance as the contrasting circles will eliminate the blur => normalised and differentials in one? Maybe not even declaring it just marking the -2.75D lenses as -3.00D and this way you are actually using normalised and training the eyes to work a bit…
But isn’t +3.5D too much of a diopter difference? or do they count on people looking at their smart phones at 25cms and screens at 40cms? Or is it +3.5D because it is designed for kids who tolerate bigger focal plane differences? Or maybe with lower difference the 2 parts are not blocking out each other when changing between close up and distance? by the way what happens at mid-distance?
Just brainstorming here, no intention to get very scientific with my ideas…

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Ohhhh I know, I know. :joy:

This is still just the procrastination project. Part of the fun is frightening people away. :yum:

And yea of course, expensive product and a lot of bla bla bla talk, because lower diopter differentials, active focus, less recreational screen time and going outside would be just too easy.

I tune out as soon as the word “patients” comes up. How is a refractive state an illness, anyway? :man_shrugging:

It filters the people who join the EM forum better than the little test of “is it Jack or Jake” used to :smiley:

For me it is just amazing how many ways companies can re-invent glass-wearing, never even suggesting that maybe glasses are not needed at all eventually? Why not sell e.g. an ear pierce made from a special material worn at a certain point of the ear instead? And if you wear it you can wear 0.25D lower corrections and still have clear vision? but the magic power comes from having to expose it to daylight outdoors every day and you cannot wear it nearer than 50cm to any electronic devices especially not screens? and the slight pain of the piercing will remind you that you belong to a special tribe who know the secret and you paid a price and made an effort for an improvement so it will HAVE TO work? I haven’t yet figured out how to sneak in differentials in this version, so not planning to ask for investors on Shark Tank just yet :rofl:

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