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Hi everyone

Started out in mid November 2018 after a worrying visit to the optometrist. I had been stable at -6.5 contact lens reading for about six years. At my checkup my optometrist looked worried, told me they had got a lot worse. To try slow it down he suggested a trial of -7 in one eye and -6.5 in the other. He said it worked for some people and if it didn’t feel right, he’d change me to -7 both eyes.

So after 25 years of contact lens use, I stopped wearing them. Just stopped. Took my old glasses that I never wore and used them.

They were two different strengths. I pulled out my previous glasses R—6.75 and L -6.5/-.25 x89… They felt awful but used them anyway.
(Then I found endmyopia :slightly_smiling_face:)
Started trying to get active focus. It’s taken me months.

Went to the optometrist in Jan. She was new, my old optometrist had retired. She said my eyes were worse, R-7.75 and L-7.25 -.25x 45. But I could still read 20/30 on her driving chart?? She shook her head, I said I’d be back in six months with better readings.

Had my cry, and started again. I now focus 17cm in indoor light with both eyes.

Ordered new glasses from Zenni R-6.25 L-6.25. That’s what I’m using now. Too many changes - will do smaller changes from now on. That is where I am currently. In good indoor light, I’m 20/40 with 20/20 if I use active focus. I can’t hold it for more than a second or two though.

My differentials are only 0.5 diopters lower than my daily glasses because that’s what I need to see both my PCs at and I remove my glasses to use my phone and read
(My differentials are -5.75 both eyes)

The first two weeks of not wearing contact lenses was very painful. The slightest breeze stung, my eyeballs felt really cold. I was permanently bloodshot. It was a very scary, unpleasant experience. Well worth it though to fight through it. I now enjoy the cool breeze in my face.

I used a fresh pair of left over -6.5 contact lenses a few days ago to compare my vision to what it was. I could read the 20/10 line easily and had to remove them because they were just too strong and uncomfortable.

Thanks Jake for the forum. I’m seeing a huge difference. I truly am enjoying this empowered feeling of slowly getting my eyesight back. I had been looking for something to improve my eyesight for years. This finally makes sense and is working.


Welcome @JenniK!
Glad you found us!

It’s unusual to have differentials only 0.5 lower than your normalized, and I’m amazed you can read naked eyes.
But we’re all different and maybe your screen is just farther away then mine.
Just make sure you don’t put that book right in your face, and your normalized are not too under corrected. Check the blog, -6.5 in contacts equals -6.75 or maybe even -7 in glasses.
Enjoy your journey and keep us posted!


Thank you for your welcome
My book is fairly close to my face when I don’t use glasses :slightly_smiling_face:. I must look funny.
I have two PCs. They are quite far in front of me. I haven’t measured but they are quite a bit further than the usual range, also, my software screen is entirely dark grey on a light grey background. (It doesn’t help!). At least I’m only there 10 hours a week.
For normalised I can see about 20/30 on sunny weather day while driving so I have no plans to change yet. Just practicing active focus.


Makes sense then :+1:

You might want to check the blog for reading distance - nose inside of book is not ideal :wink:
In some cases, a 3rd pair can make sense.

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Thanks. I’ll have a look.

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