🎧 New podcast episode on the Fat Emperor with Ivor Cummins

:headphones::ear: New podcast episode on the Fat Emperor with Ivor Cummins.

I very much recommend checking out Ivor’s take on early diagnosis of high heart disease risk, and prevention strategies. Highly interesting - also his fight with the mainstream has many parallels to our own.

And of course the endmyopia episode:


Very cool exposure to his subscribers to raise EM awareness…love the time stamped topics…great job! :wink:

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It sounded great. Ivor Cummins was also on the Human Performance Outliers podcast, where Jake was interviewed.

Good stuff.

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@MattE Yeeees good catch. Circling around to catch all the related ones. :wink:

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Great interview, Jake! You were so informative. And came across like an intelligent, rational person. Gonna be bad for your guru status though! :grinning:

I am so excited you got on Ivor’s podcast! Well done!!


@Slsatrom Thank you!

Next time I’ll show up with a massive fake beard, and then rip it off my face - stripper-style. (perhaps an Indian accent as well?)

I really enjoyed chatting with Ivor. He is doing such a very similar thing, with similar challenges, and his enthusiasm and frustration really mirror my experiences. Was great to have that shared background.


Such a funny idea!! I sent the podcast to my son. You made an excellent explanation of myopia.

Our son and the awesome daughter-in-law have fallen into the clutches of the lens sellers with their little boys. With no experience of myopia themselves they are like sheep to the slaughter. And you know, I really can’t let the little boys (my grandchildren) suffer like that without at least making some attempt to save them.

Have to pretend to be a rational person. Sort of. And I hardly expect to be much help in the future if I’m in prison for slaying the opto involved in this sorry situation.

I have always been so grateful for all your help to me on my journey back to 20/20. And now I have even more to thank you for in my efforts to keep the little ones out of glasses.


Listening later! Thanks, Jake!

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