New Pro Topic Video

You know what my problem is?

I always try to make everybody happy. With free stuff. :grimacing:

Did finally add a new video to the pro topic video showcase, though. So if you ever bought Le Rough Guide with the videos option or a BackTo20/20 membership, there are now a total of 34 pro topic videos, just for youuuuuuuu. :heart:

(And if you didn’t, you will manage without this just fine. Or if you’ve been supporting stuff a ton without buying stuff, just PM me to remind me of my failings, and I’ll rectify that asap.)


Yes! I’d missed those, can’t wait to watch it! :smile: I’ve been spending summer playing video games in my room on a projector with my normalised because I don’t have a TV, so this is… awfully specific. Careful Jake, you’re turning into an actual psychic guru! :wink:

Edit: watched it, love the new setting with the fancy mic and all! :heart:


I would not recommend to use a projector, because it needs a dark room.
But using a big TV screen is the best thing for screen addicts and I would never let my children use any close-up screens, especially in these times, all children deserve a big TV screen to work with. A TV screen must be the easiest prevention for myopia.

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Reality is harsh:
It’s less the screen time during working hours and more the screen time during non-working hours.
It’s less the laptop screen and more the phone screen.
Stop using phones for anything else than voice calls and emergency text messages.
Move EVERYTHING else to a bigger screen (chats and all social media and any scrolling included).

If you are addicted to screens, make sure it is a larger screen at a larger distance.
To the “but can I…?” questions or the “I only use it for…” comments: who are you trying to fool or convince? Who are you cheating on honestly?

My phone reports on screen usage as less than 1 hour a day. That is before making any adjustments for “but it was just a video running in the background I wasn’t actually watching just listening to” or for “I only used it for navigation” or for “I just looked up a code I needed”, etc. This 1 hour includes everything that was phone usage, including setting the alarm, taking and sharing photos or leaving the screen to auto unlock after 5 minutes only.

EndMyopia is a mindset. :stuck_out_tongue:

Recommended reading:


A 15" screen caused for me almost -2 myopia within 1 year when I was 15.
In 2001 were no smartphones. I consider laptops and computer screens almost as dangerous as smartphone screens.

That’s an opinion, too. We are all individuals with different eyes.

I’ve spent the last 5+ years with a laptop with 13" screen and an additional travel screen of 15" sitting at 90cms and scrolling through numbers and reports. At least 8 hours on the working days. I had no option to swap these screens to larger ones. This was my own practical and sustainable reality.
I’ve never had a TV set or a screen, not even at home.
And parallel to the long hours spent in front of the laptop, I reduced phone screen time to near zero, tablet time to a very minimum and picked up a lot of old hobbies that are all outdoors and they don’t allow screen time while practiced.

High street opto confirmed “no glasses needed” this May.
So I always recommend starting the cutting of screen time with the smallest screens.

Once all EMers have only laptop and TV in their lives, we can have the debate if laptop is the evil or not.


oooo yeehhh! Im a pro-topic guy! This is awesome!


I’ll try to do better with these. :grimacing:

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