New research on pineapple enzymes for floaters

We’ve had discussion before about the pineapple study:

But now (published last month) there’s also a fruit enzyme extract study with similar results:

Each of our specially designed capsules contained 190 mg bromelain, 95 mg papain and 95 mg ficin

we analyzed the change in SVOs … after three months

The disappeared rates of SVOs by treatment with fruit enzymes was 65.5%, 70.0% and 75.5% and for those taking one, two and three capsules daily as therapy, respectively. Hence, the results showed that the effects of treating SVOs in a dose-dependent manner; the higher the dose, the greater the SVO reduction.

Going to try a bromelain and papain option @ 3 per day after I finish the current bottle of bromelain. I didn’t have a lot of luck with bromelain so far, if anything my floater got darker, but maybe it’s just too large to all go at once.


Ah! I shouldn’t be so hasty! Looking up the values of the pills I’m ordering, they’re higher dose than the study capsules:

Each serving delivers 250 mg of bromelain and 250 mg of papain

Depending on how we calculate this: total mg of fruit enzymes, 2 of these would be sufficient. If we looked at papain alone, then we’d stick to 1 to make sure of not running into side effects of doses not tested.

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Can I just eat pineapples and floaters I have will disappear?
Are ficin and ficain the same?

Pineapple should include the core to get the enzymes. There’s a chance it could help according to study.

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But the high sugar in pineapple may make the eyes worse. So everything in moderation.

It may do if you have issues with sugar levels. With no other conditions, it ought to be fine.
As for me, I would consider increasing pineapple intake and reducing other sugar, like from processed foods, to compensate, rather than avoid the pineapple. I would be concerned about someone deciding to avoid pineapple because they hear it has a lot of sugar, if the same person eats processed food without a second thought. I am not implying that is the case for anyone in this thread (we already tend to be more likely to be health-conscious people), but I am certain that for some people, it would be the case that they would think like this (“pineapple has a lot of sugar? Better avoid it then!” noms on bag of crisps).

But again, I am speaking from the perspective of someone with no underlying health concerns to consider, so that is a necessary disclaimer. :slight_smile:


Personally, I do have problems with carbs, that’s why I went for the enzyme tablets instead. The second study indicates this is a viable option.


But also sugar in fruit is better than free added sugar in snacks