New to EM, contact lenses active focus

Hi, Id like to know if its possible or even recommended to active focus with contact lenses? I prefer to use them as I almost never use my glasses when I go outside.

My prescription is -7 OS and -6.75 OD with -0.25 astigmatism. So yeah pretty high. I had -6.5 contact lenses but with the conversion this was already too high so I went with the closest lower prescription (-6.00) and I can see pretty fine from far with a tiny bit of blur. I dont really get dry eyes even when I active focus.

For the computer I have -5.5 glasses. And have +1 glasees for when I have my contacts on in front of the computer.

Welcome to EM and to the Forum :blush:

I’ve completed my whole journey with contact lenses only, so yes, it is not a problem to use contact lenses. I appreciated the extras added from the peripheral vision. Or in other words just always hated glasses.
(Obviously assuming your eyes are healthy and you can wear contacts comfortably but by the sound of it you are OK with these.)

As for the different strength for glasses and contacts, the -5.5 glasses are about the same as the -6 + 1 = -5, i.e the contacts plus reading glasses combo.
It is because of the vertex distance: contacts sit on your eyes directly while glasses are at an average 12 mm away. This is only important above -4D.
-7 opto style overcorrection with glasses matches the -6.5 contacts and typically there is an average 0.5D overcorrection by optos correcting people to 20/15 or 20/13 or 20/10 visual acuity.
So the diopters you mentioned sound about right to me.

One thing though: at one point you may consider purchasing prescription reading glasses online from the likes of Zenni or the local online equivalent in your country instead of using cheap reading glasses from the stores. Just for the better quality. Still cheap online.

This is the official conversion optos use:

This is the visual explanation:


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Alright thank you a lot! Ill keep you updated on my journey. How is the quality different for reading glasses? I have a standard PD of 63 mm. I guess they sell their glasses with this PD