New to forum + new normalized too strong


I am new to the forum (I used more the Facebook group) and I first want to say a big thank to this kind community and of course Jack for this method !
So I will do a quick presentation! I discovered the EndMyopia program a few month ago and after binge-reading the 7-day mail, blog and facebook group I started the program in April. I started with this prescription I had from my optometrist : Left -5,50 / Right -6, and now from cm measurement I am at: Left -3,75 / Right -4,25 (naked eyes) and Left -4,25 / Right 4,75 (measurement with differential).

I started with my first pair of differential and then with normalized using my measurement with differential for references, and not the naked eye cm measurement. And then drooping 0,25 diopter for each new pair. I am now with my third differential and second normalized, and two weeks ago it was time to drop for my new normalized. I always use the measurement with differential instead of the naked eye because I read that for hight myopia the cm measurement with differential is more accurate, so according to my actual result (Left -4,25 / Right 4,75) my new pair of normalized is Left -4 / Right -4,5 and I started using it a week ago. When I first put them I had a bit of blur challenge but not that much and very easy to clear. Three days after using it the blur almost completely disappear, and the three days after the blur definitely disappear, and it almost feel too strong, wearing them I had the same eye sensation that with overprescribed glasses, and it is almost painful.
My eyes make me feel I should drop my normalized to Left - 3,75 / Right -4,25, to feel less pain but also to have some blur challenge and make some AF work in daylife! I read our eyes tell us best what to do but I read it is important to wait 4 to 6 weeks between each drop of new normalized to avoid to much changes of focal planes. I am wondering if somebody already experience this (new normalized too strong in a few day), and if yes what it is to do ? Staying with normalized too strong a few week to not disturb focal planes, or change to new normalized that allows blur challenge and feel good ?

I also have another question about cm measurement with naked eye and wearing differential, this misadventure make me wonder about using the cm measurement wearing differential as reference, because they seem to be too strong. What is the best (naked eye or with differential) in your opinion or experience ?

Thank you for reading!

And again a big thank you everybody!

Hi and welcome,
if you feel the new normalized are too strong, then it is better to use lower diopters. Your eyes need to feel good, this is 1st priority. I would use lower diopters, if they are good then they are good. If they are too weak, ok you will use them later and should probably use the higher ones. Make sure nothing else is wrong with all the diopter values.

The cm-measurement is quite confusing for me. I don’t really measure my vision, instead I use a reference text under my TV. I use it for active focus and observe the clarity of the text. If the text gets very clear I know, that I can use the next lower lenses.
So you see that way is quite more comfortable, no measurement is needed and no calculation. You just look often at the same text and observe clarity.

Hi! Thanks you for your answer.

It confirms what I think that eyes feeling should be the priority. I tried a new pair of normalized with lower diopter and it really feels better. And I have blur challenge to work on.

I use cm measurement to keep track of my result and see the progress too, it is rewarding to see the those cm measurement go higher and the diopter go smaller ^^ I also use a shop sign that is the street across mine as reference, I look at it everyday when I see it cristal clear I know it is time to change. Actually it is by looking at this sign I confirm that those normalized were too strong.

good paying attention there :smiley: