New to Podcasts, Suggestions?

Hey Everyone, I’m a newbie into the whole Podcast stuff. Would love some suggestions of some podcasts you listen to, would be interested to learn new things, or ways of looking at life with a new lens. *wink wink

Also if there are specific podcasts video/sessions that you particularly liked, please feel free to share those also.



Ahh I like too many things! Thanks for giving me the opportunity :smile:

Health and Wellness:

  • The Shortsighted Podcast: 10/10, totally subscribe to this one.
  • The Peter Attia Drive: very informative, talks about a wide range of health topics, so there’s always something new I learn there.
  • ReWild Yourself: natural living, inspiring and a lot of quality guests.
  • Like Mind, Like Body: The accompanying podcast of the curable app, specialises in mental health and its link to physical well-being and chronic pain.
  • Better with Dr. Stephanie: Women’s health (nutrition, psychology, etc.) To be honest I don’t overly enjoy listening to this podcast, but it is hard enough to find a podcast specifically aimed at women in the circle so I’m including it.

Other Subjects:

  • Joe Rogan Experience: to be perfectly honest, the host is very much not my type of person at all. The good part about this podcast is that it is very popular and well sponsored, so the man can afford bringing in quality guests and talking to them for extended periods of time. Good if you are interested in an author and want a good preview of their interests before reading their book.
  • Lex Fridman Podcast: A lot of interesting talks with iconic figures from the world of mathematics, technology, philosophy, physics and so on. Pretty tech-oriented but a lot of deeply philosophical discussions as well.
  • Start With This: Authors of the podcast Welcome to Nightvale talk about creative writing, and hand out assignments for people who are interested in starting their own fiction podcast (or any form of storytelling).

I hope I kept this short enough :smile:


It very much depends on your areas of interest. On health topics I follow those that are specific to my health issues, Dr. Jason Fung, Dr. Nadir Ali, Ivor Cummings, Dr. Paul Mason, Dave Feldman, Diet Doctor, and others promoting the keto/carnivore diet.

I am very interested in evolutionary biology and listen to the Dark Horse podcast (Bret Weinstein), and to Gad Saad (evolutionary psychology). I usually have a go at The Portal (Eric Weinstein) although much of that is above my pay grade.

I listen to the Rebel Wisdom podcasts, and John Vervaeke on the crisis in meaning making (heavy duty). I loved the Jordan Peterson series, and hope to see him back in good health soon. I am interested in Daniel Schmachtenberger and Jordan Hall. I also enjoy James Lindsay, Helen Pluckrose and Peter Boghossian of Grievance Studies fame. I will listen to anything by Jonathan Haidt. Coleman Hughes has recently been added to my list, as has Zuby.

Benjamin Boyce has some very open-minded interviews on his podcast.There are some interesting interviews on Triggernometry, although their daily livestreams have too much of the kind of wit that is not likely to please most people.

There is more than enough to keep this pensioner intellectually fed. I also regularly sign up for a MOOC of interest. At present I am working my way through a Futurelearn course on the molecular biology of ageing, a lot of which is also above my pay grade, but still interesting enough to keep me committed to completing the course.

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before I clicked the link, I thought you are going to do podcasts about your EM journey :rofl: