(NEW VIDEO) Active Focus: Beginner Tips

Had to use / pay $$$ phone Internet to upload this 1.5GB file to the Tubes … otherwise it might be a month or two till there’s semi usable free Wifi again.

Going to have to get back to being a dirty capitalist here soon, or we’ll be turning into a total hippie commune and I’ll have to crash on ya’lls couches.



Forgive me if this is a noob question, I’m not a noob at all but it’s been so long since I read about close up habits (one of the first parts of the blog I read back when I started), but in the video you talked about reducing strain up close by pulling away from the computer and clearing up the text. Should you be constantly every few minutes backing up and moving back closer to the screen to create more stimulus? After all this time and amount of knowledge I’ve accumulated this makes a lot more sense to me now. The reason being that backing away from the computer and moving closer creates more stimulus the same way switching from differentials to normalized and looking far away to release a ciliary spasm does

In close up you wanna stay at the edge of blur and give your eyes a little challenge. If it all clears up and stays clear, then by all means, move a little backwards. In my experience this doesn’t happen very often so moving back would be an occasional thing in close-up. Just a little challenge that doesn’t strain your eyes too much is enough already. This is something worthwhile doing.


Now I know where the term “differential” for closeup glasses came from!

:rofl: oh I love this! :+1: