Newbie, 23yo, headeaches with astigmatism correction

Hi!! I am 23yo, and last year I started a self improvement journey to fix my health and well-being.

The glasses have always been something I have been insecure about, and as the diopters increased it got worse. I started researching and found endmyopia. At the start I could not believe it, but a couple months ago I started actually diving into it and now I really want to start implementing what I learnt and improving my vision.

I am starting at a -6.5, -5.5 SPH and -0.5, -0.5 CYL. Last week I bought my first differentials at -5.25, -4.25 and dropped the CYL (as per Jake recommendations)

I sit at around 65cm from my computer and I feel I cannot see completely clear, and get a very light headache when working. Still I have been using these differentials for close-up work

Would you guys suggest adding back the CYL? Reducing 1 instead of 1.25?

I am very happy to be here and thanks everyone taking part in this amazing community!

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Hey, I had a similar experience at the start

I think 0.5 Cyl should be OK to remove

The reason for your headaches (if it is the same as mine) is that some eye muscles that seem to be involved in the focussing are straining with the new weakened prescription and after some hours of strain, causing a headache.

So what I would do is to either get some stronger differentials or switch batch to your normal glasses sometimes until the pain goes away then try again with the differentials. eventually you will get used to the weaker prescription


I got some headaches right after reducing, accompanied by extra temporary double vision, but those usually resolve in 2-4 days.

I also experience light headaches when challenging my vision further away, mostly in the first half stage of a reduction, then later on they grow weaker until they’re gone.

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I see, that makes sense! Thanks! Some questions:

Did those headaches go away? And could you see completely clear?
Would it make sense to get differentials that are -0.25 stronger?

Some people feel really uncomfortable after making a reduction. Some people try waiting it out to see if they’ll get used to the reduction. If they still struggle to use the weaker correction, often they will take a step back and add a bit more correction to get some relief.

You’ll have to decide for yourself if it is tolerable or too much. I would sooner increase sph than add back cyl. Having said that you say that these are your differentials and you’re sitting at 65cms . The obvious question is if it gets a lot better at about 50 or 55 cms. Maybe you want to gradually build up the 65cms. Hold the 65cms as long as it feels okayish and then drop back to 55cms to relax a bit, and then back again if you have the energy again.

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The headaches go away after using stronger lenses for a while. They can take up to 3 days to go away. Vision is not really affected by this

I see. So even though I have trouble seeing my screen with a reduction of 1.25 at 65cm, should I wait it to resolve?

I see, will wait some days, and otherwise will get stronger lens! Thanks

I see, that’s a good idea, but it is difficult to stay at 50cm of the screen without straining my neck :frowning:

Will wait for a couple days and if it does not get better I will use stronger differentials, but I thought this would work since they are only 1.25 weaker than full prescription…

You also dropped 0.5D cyl from both eyes which is equivalent to 0.25D sph.
Also there is a 0.25D sph difference between sitting at 55cms (close to the minimum recommended distance) and 65cm (an optimal distance if you ask me).
So actually you are closer to a 1.75D drop. Nothing wrong with it. Just be aware of it to keep your judgement on the change realistic.

65cm is a good distance, because it allows for taking in a lot from the peripheral vision, too, which means less tunnel vision when working on the screen.

I suggested getting slightly closer to test if it was really a 0.25D sph missing from your glasses as you suspect, or if it was just temporary discomfort that would go away within a few days anyway and then you are good with the chosen differentials.

Let the journey start :blush:


Thanks a lot for the answer!!

What you say makes complete sense, I will wait a few days and if I cannot handle it I will bump up 0.25 in each eye!