Newbie from Michigan in the House!

What’s happening people? Just wanted to introduce myself since I’m a newbie. I’m 34 and have been wearing glasses since the 6th grade. My sister introduced me to about a month ago. Since then I’ve been educating myself. Reading, watching videos, and listening to podcasts. Did the 7 day emails. My current prescription is: OD -8.25 and -2.25 Cylinder / OS -8.75. Representing the high myopia peeps!


Welcome and glad to have you!

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Hi! Very nice to meet you! I also have high myopia and have been learning about EM since August. So far, I have been able to change the majority of my habits and have not been doing up close in full prescription contacts. I have also started learning how to play tennis, hoping to play outside a lot this summer. No luck with AF for me though. Hopefully, we could share some tips and encourage each other on this journey!:slight_smile:

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Nice to meet you 26iryna! Yes, I’m all about sharing and encouraging one another. Do you wear normalized for distance vision? I just started wearing differentials for close up vision less than a week ago. I find that they have actually been helping me to achieve AF for short periods of time. I expect and hope over time I will be able to hold AF longer. There is the slightest bit of blur when I sit back with my differentials and because of that it helps me to remember to practice AF while I’m working on my computer. Keep working at it and I’m sure you will eventually get it!

Yes, I am wearing normalized for distance vision. I had very bad luck with my past 2 zenni orders, that’s why had to send the glasses back. I pretty much wear 20/40 glasses that my optometrist gave me. While I am waiting for my stronger glasses, I am wearing -8.25 for both as normalized for now, which is not ideal. When I am outside, I am wearing my -7.5 contacts. I am trying to figure out glasses for driving on top of the contacts, it is difficult to drive at night. And we had a weird gloomy/hazy week in CO. As for differentials, I am wearing them for close up, including cooking, doing dishes and stuff like that. I am working on my AF without glasses with a book. So far, maybe barely I can clear the text up. Thank you for the encouragement!

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Hi, I just introduced myself this morning and have since read your conversation. Hope you both have had great success on your journey so far! I too wear contacts during the day but like to give my eyes a break with glasses when I first get up and when watching TV at night. I’m trying to understand the differential for close up computer work with contacts. I can see the computer fine with my normalized contacts. I can put on plus glasses/readers to blur it. Is this the right approach? Also am wondering if you were able to figure out how to prescribe driving glasses over your contacts. I understand the script would be just in diopters, no astigmatism since for me that’s addressed in the contacts, but just not sure how to take roughly a 20/40 vision to 20/20 with the driving glasses. Thanks!

Ah, now I understand better what you are doing. :slight_smile:

So your norms are contacts with all the complexity added. They should give you 20/30ish on a Snellen (20/20 in good lights during the day and 20/40 at the end of the day, indoors with lamps).
If you go for “contacts as norms + plus glasses” for differentials you can find the right correction by walking into a shop where they sell cheap reading glasses, take a book in your hand, hold it away 55-60cms and see how strong plus you can wear while the text still stays readable but a tiny bit blurry. If the glasses are cheap, you can buy them and wear them in front of computers. If you are planning to stay with “contacts + plus lenses” long term for differentials, I’d recommend ordering a pair of “prescription plus lenses” from Zenni to get better quality. As said in the other thread this will be between +1D and +2D depending on how far you hold the text - how far your typical set up for close up activities will be.

For driving and full prescription hopefully this is helpful:
Check what you can see with good clarity with the contacts (good clarity = no waiting time, no mixing up of F with P, C with O). And then add the correction needed to take you back to 20/20.
Lights, tiredness, stress, etc all affect your ability to focus - always be safe.

“This is merged from several slightly different conversions I found
20/200 = -2.00 to -2.50
20/100 = -1.5 to -2.00 (sometimes marked as -1.75 to -2.00)
20/70 = -1.25
20/50 = -1.00 to -1.25
20/40 = -0.75
20/30 = -0.5
20/25 = -0.25
20/20 = plano to -0.25
Interestingly this is what I found for the other lines
20/15 = plano
20/10 = plano (zero)”