Newbie Introduction and questions


I am from the UK, Joined the back to 20/20 back in January, having been doing it on and off, but really looking to start up again and make some real progress this time.

I started off well, and got to the point where I was using differentials for close up. Originally started at +1.50, but it started getting easier so moved to +2.0 - not sure if this was the right thing to do.

I am not sure if its in my head, as I have not been doing things correctly, I feel at times my vision seems it way have worsened slightly.

I need some help please with my prescription.

I currently wear a prescription of (this was from way back in 2012)

R: -4.25 Cyl -0.75 Axis 10
L: -3.75 Cyl -0.25 Axis 20

I did an eye test in January 2021 with the following results:

R: -4.75 Cyl -0.75 Axis 180
L: -3.75 Cyl -0.75 Axis 180.

I can no longer use an excuse of lockdown for wearing +2.0 over my current glasses (I’m starting to look like an idiot and not very professional).

I need to order some corrected glasses for closeup, but not sure what to order, any help would be much appreciated.

A few questions please:

  1. Do I keep wearing my current prescription for normal activity - these glasses are 10 years old and need replacing, not sure whether to replace with new Jan 2021 prescription or keep the one from 2012.

  2. What should I order for my corrected prescription for closeup.

  3. I spend nearly all day on screens and find it hard to break away every 15 minutes, what’s the maximum time I should allow myself before a break or do I try harder and break every 15?

Thank you in advance

Hi there,
Yeah, wearing plus lenses over negative glasses may not be the best plan - you will get the overall correct diopter, but with getting the centre of the lenses properly lined up… more of a challenge. Getting a separate pair of glasses for close up will be so much better. You would normally only have plus lenses over a negative correction if you were wearing glasses over contacts, not glasses over glasses.

If +2 feels like a good amount for you, then just add 2 to your current sph.
So, -4 + 2 = -2, for example.
If you are just starting out, I would leave the cyl as it is, although some people do drop it entirely if it is low. Personally, I like to change as little as possible per step to limit the confusion for myself if a correction doesn’t feel quite right.
A good post from Jake:Pro Topic: How To Reduce Prescription Complexity - Endmyopia® - Understanding Nearsightedness

As for your questions:

  1. Yes. You wear your full correction for normal activity to begin with, while wearing differentials for close up. You may need the new correction if you are too used to blur to respond. But if it were me, I would NOT yet get the new Jan 2021 correction. I would get differentials to use for 6-8 weeks for all close up work. Then see whether you still need a stronger correction. Just wearing proper differentials for all close up, you may already see an improvement in your vision. You can check that potential improvement using the endmyopia diopter calculator, and/or by seeing what you can read on a Snellen chart.

  2. If what you have been wearing with that +2 over it feel like it gives you the right blur challenge, then get a correction that would be the correction your are wearing, but add 2 to the sph (beware of negative numbers: -4 plus 2 equals -2, not -6).

  3. I have heard Jake say that it is good to take a break at least every hour, and after 3 hours of screens try to have a longer break, of something like an hour, if you can. So, I guess that would be like:
    1hr screen
    10 min break
    1 hr screen
    10 min break
    1 hr screen
    1 hr break.
    (Any back to 20/20 people who have more accurate advice, please correct me).


Thank you @gemilymez for your response - that is very helpful.

The only thing I am not sure is the axis numbers for astigmatism. My current glasses are Right(10) and Left(20), but my latest prescription indicated Right (180) and Left (180).

I have read the article you linked (thank you) - from it I have concluded to just stick with Right (10) and Left (20).

Is this correct?

Thanks for your help :pray:

That isn’t something I could help you with for sure, because I am not in a position to be able to check your axis, as an opto would. I would say if your most recent measurements say your axis is at 180, then that is probably correct now, but on the other hand, if your current glasses feel fine, then it should be fine to stick with them - at least your visual cortex would be used to that axis. You can try testing your axis for yourself. Ursa (R.I.P.) was making a great astigmatism guide, that includes some information about measuring your own astigmatism, including axis.

Your cyl is low (still less than 1D) and low cyl is difficult to measure exactly for axis. Measurement starts with 180 and 90 degrees and then refined by 10 or 5 degrees, and there’s quite a bit of subjective judgement in it.
0 degree would be equal to 180 degree. And 10 and 20 are not significantly far off from them. So I’d say you could go with either of them.

According to the opto, you have increased sph in one eye and increased cyl in the other one. If the visual acuity of the 2 eyes are completely different on the Snellen, you may have to get a new pair for norms that has a diopter gap closer to the new prescription. To avoid that your right eye switches off due to too much blur and the left takes over completely.

Agree with @gemilymez on her recommendation. And also that glasses over glasses are less then ideal, can even make your vision worse long term, since the quality of the 2 glasses are different, the PD is different and you have a distance between the 2 corrections…

The minimum I’d recommend is to look away from the screen. Close your eyes for a few seconds to relax, also relax your neck and shoulders a bit, then try to focus at something further away (at minimum 6 meters) and also move your eyes around without moving your head, so your eyes don’t become rusty and forget what the full range of motion is.

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Thank you @BiancaK and @gemilymez - I’ve ordered my first set of differentials :crossed_fingers:

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