Newbie (myopia + presbyopia)

Hi everyone!

My name is Tara. I am 43 years old, currently live in UK.

I just finished reading Jake’s free e-mail course. I never believed in genetic reasons behind myopia. I could definitely see that the deterioration of my vision is strongly correlated with hours of uninterrupted use of a computer. Still, I was abusing my eyes for years.

However, after reading everything that Jake mentions, following up scientific bits, measuring my eyesight… I think I just realised how bad my eyesight really is. I thought -2.25 D isn’t too bad. But actually it allows me to see clearly only at about 40 cm from my face!

My last prescription from January 2020:
Right / Left: -1.75 SPH, +1.25 near-ADD.

But current CM measurements (with the EM app) at far point:
L 44.8 cm = 2.36 D
R 42.3 cm = 2.50 D

CM measurements (with the EM app) at near point:
L 28.8 cm = 3.47 D
R 30.9 cm = 3.24 D

Over the last year, I feel that my vision got worse, especially presbyopia. It looks like I have the accommodation range of a 70 year old (about ~1D). I got really depressed after discovering this.

But then I figured, if I continue doing what I do now, in 10 years I will find myself in much worse condition.

Hence I am starting my eye improvement journey. Hurray! :)))

Really glad to find EndMyopia, and such motivated and friendly community!



No need to be depressed. I doubt you have the accommodation range of a 70-year-old. Most people that age have adds of +2.50 or so. Yours is half that, and it’s typical for someone your age who is nearsighted and becoming presbyopic. I don’t think you can just measure your far point and near point like that to get your accommodation range…it may not work for some people that way.

I would try to keep the add from getting too much higher over the next 30 years, though. Make sure they actually test your near vision, and don’t just arbitrarily give you a certain add by age if you’re getting progressive or bifocal lenses from the Optometrist.

Just a guess, but based on what you said, some of your 1.25 D of presbyopia may be due to locked accommodation. I had something like this as a teenager, an age at which no one has presbyopia. I could focus close with contacts, but it was difficult and caused worsening distance vision.

That said, you can do better with your own single vision normalized and differential glasses. Again, try not to increase your differential (add in your case) if you can help it. it may even decrease over time practicing the things from this site.

If your last glasses were -1.75 D, that is your limit for normalized, regardless of what you measure. Definitely don’t increase the power beyond what the Optometrist gave you! (This is not dioptric advice, which is not allowed here! Just common sense and good practice, as Optometrists rarely give people glasses that are too weak. The chance of it happening to you is low.)

Were you wearing bifocals or single vision lenses? There’s no need for bifocals at -1.75 to -2.25. Even with legit presbyopia.

Do you take off your glasses to read and use computers? If so, you might not need differentials (unless you want to work from further back, such as 60cm…then you’ll likely need a pair).

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