Newbie question on close up

hi, first post after my introduction.

I hear some people saying they use reading glasses and have reduced their prescription. sorry not totally clued up on all the terminology yet.

I can read a words on my phone, book at 70cm just starting to go out of focus. would i need to look into reading glasses? I might have picked this up wrong.

while I’m hear;
normalised and differentials, what’s the definition please?

there so much to take in…lol

We just released a chatbot to answer soooooooo many questions like this. Lots of work put in, should prove very useful. It is programmed to either answer your questions out right, point you to very complete answers and in other cases both. Go to click send message and get started. Every path ends with a return to start option so you can track down another path or type “help” (without the quotes) at any time to go back to start. Best Wishes

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HI, thanks for getting back. can i just use the chatbot on the forum? I’m trying to stick to my Facebook diet. :rofl:

The Chatbot Boss’ recommendation should be the exception from your FB diet! :sweat_smile:

and more:

Even on an FB diet we can’t save you from some reading, I’m afraid :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


We are working to integrate it in more places, but at this time it is only available on facebook. We couldn’t connect it to the group page, so you don’t need to fear getting sucked in there. It will work fine on your computer which means not really any different than interacting on the forum.

:rofl: I should maybe ask Jake to tone that down a for me (I tried, can’t lol) It’s fun, but a bit much! “chatbot writer” or “chatbot manager” or something like that would have been plenty! :joy:

one more idea for you:
all the basics will be explained in these free e-mails

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thanks so much :grinning: :+1:

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LOL don’t mind reading. If I go on Facebook I’ll end up following crap posts and watch videos of cats doing stupid things, then two hours will go by :rofl:


I get the desire to avoid temptation. Just stick to the one page. There is little else on it at this point. It really will point you to answers for every newbie question.