Next step... I'm a bit stuck

Just a quick question here.

Currently I’m wearing normalized:
OD - Right(SPH) -3.00(CYL) -1.50Axis 136
OS - Left(SPH) -1.50(CYL) -1.50Axis 32
PD 53

OD - Right(SPH) -1.50(CYL) -1.50Axis 136
OS - Left(SPH) 0(CYL) -1.50Axis 32
PD 53

I’m unsure if I should keep dropping the diopters – equalize by dropping only the right, or go to a pair that I had made up too soon that are these:

OD - Right(SPH) -3.00(CYL) -1.25Axis 135
OS - Left(SPH) -1.50(CYL) -1.00Axis 30
PD 53

Not trying to ask you to tell me what the prescription should be… just what step to take next.

Not an option you listed, but I’d start dropping from CYL, both eyes

We’re not really going to do your homework here for you. :wink: Diopters is the one thing you definitely want to figure out for yourself!