Night time AF with shooting stars

Tonight and tomorrow night are the best viewing times. Last night my son and I gazed at the stars and with my own eyes I watched the stream of lights across the sky… beautiful.


Thanks, I will check tonight :slight_smile:

It will happen a few days later, but also will be an interesting event:

Oh Yes that is a great one I hope to see as well… err but not sure even really strong glasses will let you view lol. I do wish to get a telescope but I don’t have one yet. Thanks for adding.

Going to probably buy a telescope tomorrow! Found a local selling one. I will add photos when I get some!

Ugh my whole area is cloudy.

Too bad :sleepy::sleepy:

I watched an amazing meteor shower in 1999 or 2000. Too many to count. It’s definitely an amazing and memorable experience.

Weather not cooperating here either this time.


Unfortunately it was the same here for both days :slightly_frowning_face:

We did not see as many the last 2 nights and unfortunately the weather was too windy last night to do a lot of telescope viewing. We did take a look at the milky way and saw so many stars!

I will just say that seeing shooting stars with a naked eye is the top of the chart for this Geminid. Next year I hope it is at 20/20

Well despite my more unsophisticated camera on the phone I managed to capture the Moon! I liken the experience to EM… it is better to see the craters of the moon with your OWN eyes.

My son loved it too he was so astonished at what we could see.


How dark is your location? You really need to see the Milky Way from a remote location. The further from civilization the better. With near zero light pollution the view is unworldly.

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Watching the night sky is a nice and enjoyable way for AF.
great picture of the moon. Here in the place I live there is too much light pollution to enjoy the sky at its best. I’m planning to go back to my birth place during Xmas holidays and there the sky is amazing due to no civilization!!! I find stars a good test for acuity. Do you use full correction as well or just normalized? Switching both I have better result with AF, probably due to a better reference point using full prescription.

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We dont have a lot of light pollution but I am going to a friends down the road that has an even darker area. That’s where I am hoping to see the alingment of Jupiter and Saturn.

I use the stars as a reference point too. I know my eyes are surpassing their prescription when the lenses give a crisp sky. But usually I just use my normalized. The day we went to look at the Geminids I was not wearing glasses because I wanted to see things with my bare eyes.
In fact the first set of normalized I had in the summer of 2019 inspired me to get to 20/20 so I can see the stars without glasses. I plan to go back up to that place when I get there and maybe just camp out under the sky.


Great! Sounds like good improvement.
When I spend time looking up at the sky all the night long, a couple of time a year, I take pictures of the sky moving with a bulb exposure of the camera. While waiting for the picture to be ready I focus on constallation and stars name and this help me to AF at my best. As if calling the star by its name help me that star to become clearer. I know sound silly but it works sometimes. It’s a way to be more focused on details.
You could try next time :slight_smile:
Enjoy the sky and camping time.

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I will try tonight. We will be looking at the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn this evening.

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