NLP anchoring and AF

Just another of those weird connections that occurred to me this morning…

There’s an NLP technique called ‘anchoring’ where you can associate an action (touching thumb to middle finger, holding your wrist, that sort of thing) with a reflex or emotion or response or something. Basically just the Pavlov thing with hungry dogs and ringing bells and whatnot. Often used for anxiety to trigger happy feelings.

I wonder if it’s something one could use to trigger AF.

I have no idea how it would work - have no experience with NLP and still only starting out with AF. But I guess the idea might be that you do your stimulus when (if) AF activates, and then your brain might start to associate the two, and then you can then do the stimulus in order to induce AF.


Hum, that is quite an intriging thought. I’m still quite new here but would be interested in others thoughts on this as well.

I think blink + AF develops this anchoring for many people.

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Yeah, I did think that blinking would be an ideal trigger. (Perhaps 3 slow blinks, or something.) But if the training requires that you perform the action once the desired state exists, then blinking could be counter-productive.

Maybe it’s possible to transfer a trigger ? First train with some other action, then do both the action and the blinks to trigger AF, then do just the blinks ?

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Just staring at the text for some time, and then blinking normally while wishing for the text to get clear helps me.

I have 3 “anchors”:

  • remove glasses, the put them back on on, while staring at something. My eyes auto-AF to get into focus if needed
  • deliberate blurring of my eyes, when I release that, the eyes auto-AF to focus. Useful when not able to remove the glasses
  • habit. When in front of a computer, TV or driving, my eyes are so used to AFing in those situations that they now auto AF

All three take advantage of habits. IMO the key is habits, if one achieves AF in a situation and do it a lot, the mind anticipates and kicks in AF as needed in those situations.


Ever looking for shortcuts, what I had in mind was something to shortcut the for some time :wink:

:man_facepalming:for some time<1min