No 20/20 gains and plateau

Hi everyone,

My name is Armaan , a 17 year old student from India…I first got glasses in 2015 .In 2020 July i got to know about the Endmyopia. I started out with -3.00 in the right eye and -4.00 in the left eye and in November of 2020 my priscription was -2.00 in the right eye and -2.75 in the left eye,got rid of ciliary spasm and also have figured out active focus by the time.

In January i reduced my prescription by 0.25 in both the eyes .i.e -1.75 in right eye and -2.50 in the left eye .In May i reduced again by 0.25 in both eyes.i.e 1.50 in right eye and -2.25. But my left eye was’t just okay with that because it was just too blurry so i increased my prescription in my left eye -2.50. In August I was still at the same priscription ,didn’t made any gains so i thought maybe i was blur adapted and also my left eye wast doing any active focus so i Increased my prescription by.0.25 in both eyes i.e 1.75 in right eye and -.2.75 i n left eye ,this helped my left eye to catch up with active focus now it can also do active focus with -2.50.I can see a lot of double vision in my eyes . But i have not made any progress since january. I dont have a lot of close up time and go outside for distance vision and active focus practice for atleast 2-3 hours day. I think I am on a plateau from 7-8 months I don’t know what should i do? Mybe i should stop and backoff for a while .Maybe I can get help from you . I trust the process and i don’t want to quit because i want to be see the life as other people do.

Hope a solution from you


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I will say that it is not unusual to get stuck, the body naturally plateaus, so stay the course. You are so young and so fortunate to not have spent much time with correction, remember EM is a long term solution not a quick fix. Best Wishes

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