No Blurr after using "AF" and blinking. Is this AF?

I recently felt that I figured out Active Focus. But as I read more and more about AF I found that people can hold the clear image using AF only for a few seconds or so(early days) , But in my case once I clear up the blur , The blur doesn’t return. Even If I blink the clear image is still the same, unlike other people’s experiences where is gets blurr again. This makes me doubt If my AF is actually AF.

Here’s a quick description on how I feel AF feels like for me: It literally feels like a camera lens adjusting its Lens to make a image clear. It feels like You are going near to the text or as if you are diving into the text. Also I’m able to AF only close up, But not at all at distance . Any tips?

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My theory for your sustained clarity is the ciliary has adjusted for that distance. As for AF tips I covered my angle here: A little help with Active Focus - YouTube


I think if there is blur and then you clear it, what you are doing will help you reverse your myopia. One of the things I do to Active Focus is just try to look at things with my best vision, and not look in a lazy way. So I’d count what you’re doing as Active Focus.


I’ll say you’re doing AF.
AF is literally nothing else but having a small blur that clears up by awareness (camera lens focusing as you wrote) and not by effort. Most people can only build it up gradually, holding the clarity longer and longer over time. Others can do it longer immediately but have to build up doing it at different distances, too. If you can’t activate it outdoors yet, you can do mid distance next. Clearing light blur on objects on the kitchen counter - if it doesn’t work at 4 meters try 3 or 2 or 1.5 first, in the bathroom while brushing your teeth, on a big TV screen if watching from the sofa (faces or subtitles), etc.
Parallel you can start increasing the close up distance and / or decreasing the diopter in your differentials if you wear corrections for close up.