No Improvement Since July?

It’s been five months since I noticed any improvements in my vision. My left eye measures at 31-33cm while my right eye can range from 39-42cm. I’ve been wearing OS -2.75 and OD -2.25 since August and it’s frustrating because I’ve been pretty diligent about going outside, using active focus, and even patching (I’m trying to equalise). The acuity in my left eye is also noticeably worse than my right eye. I suppose I could be better at monitoring phone usage, but I still feel that since it’s my first year I should be seeing some more improvements. Any advice please?

Based on your cms, you may have reduced slightly too quickly. Go back up by 0.25 correction and see how that works for you, that fixed my problems with not improving.

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I’m thinking this is probably what happened, too, I was a bit too quick in reducing as soon as I reached my current measurements. I’ll go back up to OS -3.00, OD -2.5 (though even this might be stupid… my ratio before was by 0.75)

Not Not, can you elaborate on this a bit if you have the time?
So when your cm measurments improve to your glasses prescription you then reduced the second that happened rather than waiting 6 weeks?
Or did you still have blur challenge and reduced anywhay?
Or did you have double vision and reduced anyway?

I ask because with my CM measurements, they regurlary improve to my new prescription in under 4 weeks. I then wait until four weeks before considering another reduction but not sure if I should wait longer…

I don’t really wait any amount of time for reducing, I just look at the Snellen and cms (more Snellen now than cms), and just reduce accordingly. My double vision never goes away ever, either that or it isn’t a concern enough for me to wait for it to 100% go away before reducing.

A huge part of determining when to reduce is the ease of doing AF, and clarity of vision when getting distance vision outdoors as well. I just look at all these things and decide accordingly, but I don’t wait arbitrary periods of time.


Thanks for your perspective!!
Happy reducing!

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Maybe you should work a bit on that. I suspect you did a sph reduction after an astigmatism reduction too soon, so essentially your eye not adapted to the astigmatism change properly.
My problem came from exactly the fact that I did not wait for double vision to disappear, so I could not correctly judge if I’m ready to reduce, because the vision was imperfect anyway. I’ve switched back to -3.00 at 17.09 and my double vision disappeared only a few weeks ago (so start of December). I think it took such a long time exactly because I’ve not waited enough before.

Also see @jakey’s comment in the other topic: 🎥 OCULAR DOMINANCE: Why Your Eyes Each Don't See The Same o_0


Hi NottNott, at what acuity do you reduce at? Do you wait till you see better than 20/20 both eyes?

I don’t personally reduce at that level, I reduce more 20/30. Also based off how the other things are going for me, like ease of AF with distance vision and cms.


I had a similar problem I went up to my last pair and waited about 3 weeks. It did help me get more comfortable with the clarity and there may have been so blur tolerance that my brain jist excepted. So i suggest just commit to 3 weeks and don’t check in with the lower pair until that amount of time passes.


Yeh. This would be along the lines of more standard EM advice I’ve seen.
I think Jake aims to make it as simple and easy as possible to understand for EVERYBODY.

I dont want to put words in Jake’s mouth, but yeh, theres just a blanket “wait 4-6 weeks” before any further reductions because that’s where the majority of people fall into.

Then, after that everyone thinks that they’re the exception and start reducing 2 weeks in and it all goes off the rails.

For me my first reductions were super fast. 3 reductions each two weeks long, But this is what @NottNott calls “noob gains”

My fourth reduction was about 5 weeks.

Now I assume I’m past the noob gains and am now falling into the more standard 4-6 week zone.

I take Andrew’s advice that you should just reduce when your eyes improve. But I also know that I’m just as fallible and optimistic as the next person and risk reducing too early so I think there’s alot of wisdom in just waiting for the suggested time of 4-6 weeks.

Who knows?!?!?! Just do what you want I guess.


LOL :chopsticks:

Hahaha, yeah I think we all fall into that at some stage.

In my experience Jake’s “general advice” applies to your particular situation much more frequently than one ought to believe :slight_smile: Also for the whole process that one - two week waiting absolutely doesn’t matter. Especially if you have to have a 2-3 months delay because of a rushed reduction.

tl;dr: postponing reduction more than necessary leads to faster overall improvement than rushing reductions.

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Perhaps you misunderstood what I meant about the 3 weeks. In @xochicuicatl case he will go up to the previous stronger glasses.

As far as reducing to a new pair I fully expect a 3 month time frame to set in gains.


Update: a few days ago I went back up to OS -3.00, OD -2.5, as suggested by my centimetre measurements (though my N4 was -3.00, -2.25). I can see extremely clearly and it’s overall quite pleasant, but I hope to see at least a slight improvement soon. I can see the 15/20 line on my 3m (10ft) snellen so I don’t expect to stay in this normalised for longer than a few weeks.

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