No more headaches

My history with eye docs is that I’d avoid them as long as possible, then go and get a major prescription increase (like -1.75 diopters) and have terrible headaches for two weeks. At the end of that break in period, I’d feel like I wasn’t really seeing any better than before. I ended up with my last refraction being at -17D.

At -17D, half my vision problems are the glasses themselves, so at the start of this journey I moved to contacts. Of course even after begging him not to give me anything stronger, he prescribed my left eye at full correction, and the right eye only a half diopter lower. While going through the fitting process my husband said I was so grumpy that I better go buy drug store reading glasses THAT DAY and not wait for the fitting process to be over and order custom ones later. Instant headache relief. I’m now wearing an under-prescribed contact and light minus driving or computer glasses over as needed.

I’m still doing a lot of stuff wrong, and have a very long way to go, but just having the power to choose my own refraction state has meant so much to me.


Same here. As an adult I only went when I destroyed a pair of glasses. 2 for 1 deal lasted me at least 5 years.

I noticed a similar effect after new higher diopter glasses.

BTW, my headaches went away when I reduced diopters and dropped cylinder. Both at same time so not sure which was responsible.

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High diopter glasses can have unintentional cylinder introduced by the tilt/wrap of the frame. So you may be dropping unintentional cyl when dropping sph.

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Hearing from people whose glasses gave them headaches makes me stop and appreciate that my glasses didn’t get so far.

But really, what a truly awful side effect to have to live with. Headaches don’t sound that bad because we all get headaches from time to time and survive, but when you actually have one you remember how invasive the experience is to your life. I had a headache just yesterday because I had my hair in a high pony tail for too long. :laughing: So glad that you have been able to be in control of this aspect of your own health.

Have you heard the phrase “and old patient is better than a new doctor”? The idea is that if you have something chronic you have been managing for a long time, you probably know more about your own case and what will work to relieve it than a new doctor will be able to tell you (“new” as in ‘new to you’ that is; this is not a criticism of “newbie” doctors or anything :sweat_smile:).

I feel like EM is teaching us to be much better “old patients”.


For two weeks it was debilitating. I would try to schedule around work projects because I was bound to be taking half days.

The vertigo though is crazy. They told me in middle school that I had a bum inner ear. Funny how it doesn’t act up when I eat low carb and wear contacts. Current doc doesn’t believe my vertigo when switching back to glasses is a big deal. It is to me.


The worst thing about glasses headaches to me was the dismissiveness of health care professionals. They would insist it was impossible, and that it was certainly caused by something other than glasses, and when I say that I am certain because the headache goes away when I remove the glasses, they insist that I should feel the headache when I remove them, not when I wear them.
Like, imagine being 14 and going to these supposedly know-it-all adults who put you on the spot by implying your suffering is imaginary or that something is wrong with you simply because you don’t feel what they think you should feel.
Finding EM feels like me reclaiming my childhood back :smiley:


I can tell my family Dr that a med bothers me and he’ll change it. Optos haven’t been that responsive in my experience. “You’ll get used to it” should be illegal terminology.

Not quite childhood for me, but it’s definitely improved my life.