No-prescription contact lenses? (vision direct uk no longer serving)

Hello! Public service announcement: “Vision Direct UK” just announced that they will be ending their no-prescription contact service.

While this is simply more motivation to continue with active focus and eye improvement, I do need contacts when doing activities like surfing (otherwise, “blur-fing” is just dangerous, lol).

Where do you get your no-prescription contact lenses? Would love to hear any suggestions since vision direct uk is stopping their service soon.

FYI I used in 2020 and no such e-mail from them…

There are several other UK companies, try the ones that don’t have shops in the high street, just present online

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Thank you for the comment @BiancaK! I appreciate the recommendation. :grin:

HI Kari-
I just saw this too as I was onsite ordering. Any new info you have found?
I live in Georgia


HI Bianca!
That is great to know. Do you know anything about the regulations and which UK companies this will apply to?

I am located in Georgia


Officially, it has always been there, to check prescriptions. I’m not convinced it is a real change in any regulations in the US as I have only seen this message from Vision Direct so far.
But we will find out in a few weeks I guess…

Actually there is a website called (same as
They say you will need your prescription. But then in the customer help section you will see:
Getting your prescription
Your prescription can be found on your existing contact lenses box. Grab them. Once you have this and the name of your lenses, it is easy to find and order them online.
Alternatively, ask your Optician or Eye Doctor for a copy of your Contact Lens Prescription. You will find on it all the details to enable you to order online. Make sure you get a contact lens prescription and not a spectacle prescription, as they are different!

We do not require to see your contact lens prescription when you order contact lenses. When you order from us, you will need to agree to our Terms & Conditions which indicates acceptance that your prescription is current and suitable for you. It is important to have an annual contact lens checkup with your eye care practitioner to ensure that your eyes stay healthy.

So maybe it’s possible to order lenses without Optician prescription, too? Maybe they just want to make sure you know what you are doing?

Hi Greta! I ended up trying and it worked! I ordered it one evening and it shipped the next morning. So it’s even better than Vision Direct actually. :slight_smile:


The rules are published in the Federal Register. This is the only thing I found in a quick search.

It’s not clear whether they require an actual “prescription” or merely a signature acknowledging/verifying your understanding…or whatever. It’s a liability evasion, basically. Not sure where the proposed rule came from. Probably, optometrists, but I’m cynical.

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I had emailed them about it and they said that the FDA was forcing them to require prescriptions in order to continue selling them to USA addresses.

Yes, that’s their official communication. But why VisionDirect only, and not all online contact sellers in the UK? And what changed in the past 1.5 years since the rules were published?

HI Kari- this is super helpful! thank you

Yes this is my concern too- will there be issues with the other retailers out of UK… i can’t imagine there won’t be companies that find a work around… we will see…

When I first heard about VisionDirect not shipping without evidence of prescription, I thought it was a general change for everyone => trying to get their customers back to the high street shops to get measured, get a 0.25D higher prescription, sell them new frames with fancy glasses for a great sum and then generously keep supplying them some contacts at discounted prices. I wouldn’t have been surprised at that. Maybe they signed a deal on this with US high street shops on this? :thinking:

I am still able to order contacts through out of UK - no where in my order process did it ask for doctor info or any other prescription confirmation:)

Thanks for the update Greta! I haven’t ordered more since the start of 2021 but it’s nice knowing there are still plenty of options.