Normalized glasses activity

Hi all,

I think this question is probably too generalized but I’m just looking for a general answer. When can you use normalized glasses for activities like driving? Or to rephrase, how and when should you know it’s clear enough for you to drive safely? Like to see what you have to say about it. Thanks.

20/40 is the generally recommended minimum for driving. 20/30 feels good to me though. I use my normalized for everything beyond arms length.


I only use normz to drive during daylight. I use a previous normalized at night.


Starting out I carried my earlier normalized in case I needed them at night. I can only remember using them once.

Always use enough correction to feel comfortable driving is a good recommendation. I think I heard or read Jake saying it in some form.

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I think as long as you can safely read road signs (albeit with a little blur) at a reasonable distance then you’re fine. I use my normalised for daylight driving, and in the early stages of each diopter change I often use my previous normalised at night until I can see clearly at night as well…but by then it’s usually time to drop .25 anyway.

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