Normalized glasses still clear & making me dizzy

Hi everyone!

My measured eyesight from my local optometrist is -1.50 so I ordered my first pair of normalized lenses of -1.25 from Goggles4u for ~$6. I put them on for the first time today and found that they made me slightly dizzy due to the “fishbowl” image they create that I am not used to. Aside from that, the image was still crystal clear and I could easily read the 20/20 line on the Snellen eye chart. From this, I decided to try reducing to -1.00 instead. What do you guys think?

EDIT: I forgot to mention that I measured my eyesight and got -1.50. From this, it seems that my prescription was correct but I can still see perfectly clear with -1.25 lenses.

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Your opto must be a very rare bird if he or she didn’t overprescribe.

Your lack of blur after reduction implies that he did overprescribe and you mismeasured? It’ll be interesting to see if you get the needed blur in your next reduction. I had to go far below my opto prescription to get enough blur for Active Focus Fun.


I agree it sounds like you’re still over-prescribed. You could try the -1.25 in situations that require full correction like driving, maybe they’d be useful at night.