Normalized Peripheral Vision

Good afternoon,

So my new normalized and differentials came in the mail today which is exciting. Compared with my last prescription, I lowered my cyl correction so both eyes are a -1 or less. I used the axis numbers from a prescription before the one I recently replaced which are different. I can see too good when looking about 20 yards straight down the road, but my main question is does it take a little time to clear up vision when using your peripheral vision since it’s a little blurry still?

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This is normal, whether one wears glasses or not. If you want to look at a study on this,the%20periphery%2C%20or%20vice%20versa.

If you want the bottom line :
The human visual system does not treat all parts of an image equally: the central segments of an image, which fall on the fovea, are processed with a higher resolution than the segments that fall in the visual periphery.

p.s. wearing glasses makes this worse, as the part of the periphery you can see within the frame of your glasses will be distorted by an extra curvature of the lens, and that which falls outside the frame of your glasses will be blurrier than the rest. This is one of the advantages of wearing contact lenses - less distortion in the periphery. Of course the reduction of cylinder in your glasses may also make a difference, but if your central vision seems fine, I would not worry about this.