Not just the Starbucks menu boards

Though I’ve become accustomed to plenty of gratifying breakthroughs thanks to this blessed method (program? doctrine? journey? cultic obsession? what do we call it?), I had a stunning thing descend on me yesterday.

I’m the guy who, since he was thirteen tended to put on his specs if he got up to go to the john in the night. Yesterday, after ten months in EM, I had to take a short train trip to the next town for a routine 10 a.m. medical appointment. I arrived at the station (very near my house) and pulled up my mask, reflexively expecting fog to spread over my glasses. I walked out to the tracks and then thought to consult the digital board inside to see how many minutes before my train. When I went back inside, I was surprised that I had trouble reading the number of minutes and, without thinking, winked to use only my dominant eye to read “10” for the number of minutes.

It was only then that I realized that I had come without my glasses. Folks, you simply can’t imagine what a victory for me this is. Well, you can imagine, but you may not feel what it means to me. I’m also someone maybe over-worried about blur-adaptation, so I question all these steps. But I went through the trip, dealing with the medical people with ease, getting home completely without inconvenience. This from the former kid who thought he needed glasses to go pee.


This is awesome!! So excited for you!! Hang on to these moments, and use them to fuel your determination when it appears things are stalling.

Not the same story, but in many way it is the same feeling (of elation and hope, mixed with some humbleness and joy beyond measure) I got when I took my glasses off (I was wearing around -11 D equivalent of sph and cyl) and realized that I could see the ripples in the pond water, and the grass blades at my feet.
That was the moment my paradigm changed, and I realized I can do something about my myopia, and Jake is not just a weird bearded guru. Love you Jake! :kissing_heart:

Well, congratulations! Forgetting your glasses and not even realizing it… Wow! :exploding_head: I guess this won’t happen to me for a while, since things still look rather blurry without glasses. That doesn’t stop me from not wearing them on occasion though… :wink:


Hey, dear sister! Seeing ripples in the water and blades of grass is where it’s at, as far as I’m concerned. Good on you!

We are so fortunate.

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It was also blurry for me, as I found when I tried to read the train-station screen. But it wasn’t anywhere near what it had been when I was one of “those who have no hope”!

I’m starting my journey with my first “differentials” (actually my old glasses that let me see 60 cm but surprisingly feel normal; might actually get proper ones) and you give me hope!

Yay super super awesome. Congrats!