Not sure about reducing (First one), equalizing eyes,astigmatism, 20/20 but too much blur

Hi, Im two months into this journey and I have some questions about reduction. Im not sure if Im ready to reduce. I started at -7 and -6.75, I was wearing -6.5 contacts which is the equivalent of -7 in glasses. I went with -6 contacts (no -6.25) and I posted a few weeks ago about the lack of opportunities for active focus.

My differentials are the same since the beginning (-5.5), I can see up to 20/40 with indoor lights in the morning and 20/50 later in the evening. I noticed less blur with the differentials.

For the contacts (normalized), -6 gives me almost no challenge for active focus, and -5.75 gives me too much although with a snellen chart I see 20/20 with them with indoors light. What do I do ? Its my first reduction.

Finally I ditched the astigmatism on my right eye which was -0.25, I dont know if I shouldve kept it? And I equalized right away too, right eye is -7 and left -6.75 should I wait before equalizing?


If the environment you are measuring in is always the same. i.e. same room in the house, same light, same time of day then thats a very good habit to have. You’ll get consistent measurments that way.
If you’re reading 20/20 with that indoor light I would then try to reduce.
With your new set of glasses your aiming to read the 20/50 line when you first start.

Astigmatism that low you can usually ditch without a problem.

Dont worry about equalising until your much lower, like around -1 to -2. So you got ages until you need to worry about that. Also a 0.25 difference in each eye would be considered “natural” and there is no need to worry too much about it.


Not sure I understood what you meant about not worrying about a -0.25 diff, I kind of equalized right now and removed astigmatism should I revert (consider my astigmatism and 0.25 diff in diopters)

Also, quick update : I put on the -6 contacts yesterday as I felt that the -5.75 were too blurry. But I noticed 0 challenge whatsoever with them I put on the -5.75 and somehow noticed slight double vision and an improvment in the blurriness with the -5.75. I def see 20/20 with them but everything is sharper, I feel like I should and could reduce to -5.5 pretty soon its exciting considering two months ago I was putting on -6.5 contacts!

I think it would also be time to reduce my differentials (glasses) as theyre at -5.5 right now!

No need to revert.
Its more like, you don’t always have to have your eyes equalised.
Your dominant eye will almost always be 0.25 better than your non-dominant eye.
So, for example, if your eyes are R 5.5 and L 5.75 you don’t have to put the effort in trying to make the left eye 5.5.

Another example, I equalised when I was about 8.0. I spent three months trying to get left eye from 8.25 to 8.0. I eventually got there. But then when I reduced down to 7.75 in both eyes my dominant right eye almost straight away went to 7.75 and my left eye stayed at 8.0 for months. After that I just gave up equalising and will do it when I’m mich lower.

That all sounds great and its common that people get big reductions in the first few months. This can be due to many reasons like removing ciliary spasm and over correction. My only piece of advice is to be really consistent with the place where you do the measurements. Best is well lit indoors with no natural light. If you change the conditions and measure in different places your measurements will be innacurate and you run the risk of reducing too early.