NottNott Fixes His Eyesight From -5 (video log!)

Hi all. Uploaded three episodes so far which you can find below:

This is a follow-on from my first thread I made. I’ve recieved my differentials and worn them for about nine days from today and have already seen improvements within that period. The initial improvements can apparently be chalked up to overprescription+reducing eye strain+learning active focus - so probably unlikely the very good improvement will last into the future. My fingers are completely crossed I’m a ‘crazy myopia improvement case’ like some of those featured in the blog, blasting into no glasses in under a year. That’d be great, but I’m completely prepared to go 0.75 diopters of improvement a year if I have to. The fact I’ve completely ruled out laser eye surgery is a ‘life win’ enough!

I’ve broken with endmyopia gurudom and already ordered a new pair of differentials. I’m sorry, but the screen is too clear for my eyes at normal operating distance now to where I’d have to type with Inspector Gadget arms to still have a blur horizon.

I need to get my first prescriptions from when I was 8 to 12 years old and see how much my prescription changed in that period. Jake has mentioned that genetic factors can influence how bad myopia can progress from lenses, but also said that this wouldn’t necessarily work in reverse (paraphrasing from a video he made). So not ‘necessarily’, but possibly! I’m gonna put my broscience hat on and hope for the best when I find these old prescriptions.

The fact that the wider public is not informed about the dangers of glasses and contact lenses for ‘vision improvement’ is a complete disgrace. This should be an international scandal! That’s the magnitude of the problem. I can’t wait for the day endmyopia goes completely viral. I’m going to do my part by keeping up to date with the video logs :smiley:

EDIT 12 July 2019: My endmyopia journey in a nutshell


I agree with the last paragraph wholeheartedly!


Superb Andrew!

A request, in video three you mention you are using active focus(AF). In a later(next?) video can you explain what AF is, what you mean by that term, how are doing it etc, as you just started doing it, hope it’s fresh in you mind. Thanks!


Thank you very much! Sure I’ll explain what active focus is and how I managed to do it in the next video.

Also, those links in your bio are insanely useful Sam, thank you!


Coming to realise that one doesn’t have to stay myopic if one doesn’t want to has been a massive eye-opener in more ways than one. Really mind-blowing.


That’s awesome, Andrew. :slight_smile:

I started out around -5 myself, made it back to 20/20 … though you’ll hopefully have a much easier time than I did, with all the site resources and the community here.


Getting better continually. This one’s just the tiniest bit emotional :cold_face: Still do not know how much improvement to apportion on eye strain, cilliary muscle spasm reduction compared to actually shortening my eye ball. If someone with pseudomyopia were to have a decent amount of time outdoors and looked at distance object, I’ve read that condition would be gone in approx two weeks. So being prduent, whatever I get at three weeks in terms of rate of improvement is probably where I’m actually gonna be.

Considering buying myself a much better camera with better audio quality, as it’s probably an important enough event to document properly!


Excellent! Document everything!! :nerd_face:

Yea, this is a massive scandal. As Jake keeps saying, there is a significant amount of research on this, hinting towards dangers of using minus lenses at near. But “curiously” is never followed up on. Hmmmm!

The first three months or so are often something special, and it’s probably not actual shortening that does this first bit. Though nobody seems to have measured to know for sure, so it’s not clear what the biology is doing there.


Just bought a 4K camera for £300. It’s okay, it’s only a fraction of what I would have spent on laser eye surgery.

Even if I don’t know what’s actually happening then, at least my eyesight is getting better by a lot! From whose experience is it said that the first three months are special by the way? I haven’t seen that timespan on the blog for instance.

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Nice work,and great videos!

Do your best to “bottle” the excitement and remember it if you run into a slowdown in progress. Also, remind yourself of the progress you’ve and and how much worse you used to see. Both will help over the long term.


Nice to see that same excitement on your face that I felt early on. Thanks for the videos!


@NottNott Any particular insights on what made you compelled go the video route? I’m having quite a time trying to encourage video as a way of progress reports. :slight_smile:

I’ve always had an inkling for making videos in some way, I still remember the awful gaming videos I made around 2008 when I was 9. I definitely wanted to record my progress as time goes on as it would make for awesome memories for something so personally important :slight_smile:

Although it’s really an awful label to give to myself, I’m a bit of a loser evangalist at times. When I discovered the Colemak Keyboard Layout in February 2018, I learnt it, got back to my old QWERTY speed within 40 days of practise, wrote the wikipedia article, made the Discord server which now stands at around 700 members (I moderated that channel for over a year and only just stepped down ten days ago) and made the petition. Colemak is a great layout sure. I’ve also put an enormous amount of time and effort into promoting its use, and actually I seem to have done a decent job at it. More people should use it. However it really won’t change anyone’s life, but using it makes typing better, which is okay.

Coming across endmyopia for the first time however… you mean to tell me you can reverse my shortsightedness?? That debilitating condition that I hate and have had since I was eight?? If someone told me how to do that it would be life-changing. A huge number of people would not be very trusting of a self-professed beard guru on a blog that goes against mainstream optometry. A lot of people would equate this to the anti-vax movement at a cursory glance and then move on. It took me a few days to overcome my skepticism, but I know a lot of people who would have never overcome that skepticism at all and wouldn’t have given it a shot. Ever. A bigger sample size of experiences online might help.

I’m pretty good at promoting nice little ‘lifehacky’ things I think more people should know about, so the sky truly is the limit if it comes to solving a pandemic sweeping across the world, with a solution that many would love to know about but currently don’t.

To actually answer your question I went video route because I think other people are more likely to take what I say on board through that medium than text, as well as being able to look back on my progress in a more detailed way. I don’t think I could be more smug about anything than if I convinced friends and family of this ‘crazy’ idea by being able to point to my progress reports. I have a lot of friends wearing glasses. Glasses made me absolutely miserable, so if I can convince someone else to shed their glasses I’ve probably done a lot of good in the world.

(i’m seriously not some fatalist philospohy person who gets hung up on this sort of thing, but it is the butterfly effect in this case. I clicked on off of a reddit link that caught my glance for half a second, with an about the author link at the bottom of the article linking here [that I ironically didn’t want to click at first because the article is literally about how we’re 'abusing information addiction and this would be more information], which has a link to his losetheglasses website and finally a link to endmyopia. So because I glanced at a reddit link for half a second I get to have 20/20 vision in the forseeable future and for the rest of my life? I’ll take it, hope the youtube algorithim can do this for other people in the future)


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Just tried the calculator - OD -4.5 and OS -3.25 is what I got. Remember kids, the glasses I’ve been wearing for the past three and a half years was OD -5.5 and OS -4.5. My old prescription is now uncomfortable and slightly makes me want to throw up. The best part is that I’m still well in the juicy early stages of EM with rapid improvements :smile:


Alright, managed to collect all of my prescriptions. Turns out I’ve been wearing glasses since the age of seven, not eight.

Every free eye checkup. Every leaflet they shove through the door now and them reminding you to ‘pop in’. Every reassurance to concerned parents. It’s social engineering on a gigantic institutional level. The free eye checkups are offered exclusively to children. Get them while they’re young so they’ll never question it.


Ha, you got your entire history! That’s awesome! Imagine how cool this plot looks when it’s going down again in the coming years. That would be very hard to argue against, given the amount of samples taken by optometrists before.

I’m pretty sure Jake had it in a video, can’t remember which though. It was true for me, even though I started kind of undercorrected. It’s a great motivational boost if things go fast in the beginning.


Alright, episode 5 here we go, it’s a bit different:

The technical setup needs work but content > quality for this one.

Jake might want to consider a small page on the website with high resolution Endmyopia images (like the logo) in the longish future in case other people start making these types of videos too


Interesting insights to what you said!

Especially the chart really shows the progression.


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Episode 6 of my enthralling journey. Again, content > quality. I discuss my continuing great rate of improvement and why that is probably not represtentative for most people going into this.