NottNott Fixes His Eyesight From -5 (video log!)

I’ve got nothing to give but this silly Rayman sound effect

Finals done

Oh yeah and it looks like this reduction is working for both eyes


Day 9 of the reduction, can now easily see 31cm in right. Just part of the endmyopia experience, where supposed to be impossible things happen in the background

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Doing bifocal reductions and not equalising during the months of summer

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12 days into -3/-2.25 and -3.25/-2.50 makes the Snellen chart go mega 20/20 on me. So the edgy reduction seems like a good call.

Is it just me, or at these lower diopters each reduction feels like a bigger step than the last? That makes sense given what I know about diopters.


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I’m getting worried about you now aging too fast :joy:
Join the EPBC (early presbyopia club)
There’s no other explanation to what’s happening to you! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


From a maths perspective, it’s a much bigger volume of space that you can see clearly with each reduction.

-5 diopters = 20 cm clear vision = 33 L volume
-2.5 diopters = 40 cm clear vision = 268 L volume
-1.25 diopters = 80 cm clear vision = 2144 L volume

As you get into lower diopters the amount of additional space you can see with a 0.25 reduction is huge. The additional volume you can see from -1.25 D to -1 D is almost four times greater than all the gains you make from -5 down to -1.25.


Stolen for the blog, including unnervingly confidence inspiring professional Photoshops and sideline commentary.


But sir must I project the lasers from my eyes? I don’t believe I am doing it correctly, plz help me! Also if I wear the pot on my head at that angle will it help my eyes improve faster? plz tell me sir

Sorry I resisted at first but couldn’t help myself in the end :joy: All seriousness though always good to see new vids :grin:


Yea. I’m about to have to make a rant video (which the target audience won’t watch) about how you just shouldn’t mess with any of this at all, if you aren’t going to use the search function.

“Why I havez double visionz? Jake YOU DESTROY MY EYES”

@NottNott what’s up with all that audioness in your video? Did you buy a zillion dollar mic? Are you flexing your accent? What eeeeeeeis going on!


The angle is very specifically 74° to your head with your LEFT foot raised right after performing three disco spins

I should really soundproof the room, that audio was with a bunch of processing to cut out the reverb in my room. The mic handles processing well, it’s not the pure sound coming from the mic.

Oh yeah. Neumann TLM 103, zillion dollar mic confirmed


Easy 32, maybe 32.5 cm in my right eye 16 days into this reduction. Up from 30.5 before this reduction



I wish I had done this at your age… Then again men still have a lot going on biologically until like 25 so i suppose I would have to be younger year to hope to reproduce your rate of improvement at present.


!! Anecdotal story !!

I got a Pfizer jab yesterday and I swear to god my vision improved substantially. Maybe it’s stress chemicals in my blood or something responding to the vaccine.

Will see if it lasts, if it doesn’t… 0MG vaccine incraese eyeseyet!!


It’s the chip and fine tuning via remote control. :laughing:
You’ll need to accept yearly booster jabs or your prescription will jump to -10D suddenly :crazy_face:

On a serious note: wow for your speedy ride recently. Good job. :+1:


Just your superior Active Focus skills.


The interplay between hormones and myopia is pretty much uncharted territory. I’m not sure if raging hormones makes eyes more likely to get better or worse. I’m curious if teens and young adults doing EM improve faster than the old people who just refuse to die like me.


I think the fact that men can literally still be growing into their mid twenties is a factor that would make for interesting study. I do believe the growing body if far more adaptable than the those who have reached biological maturity. Women as a rule stop growing much younger… I hadn’t actually meant hormones, but you raise a fair factor there as well though there are many stages of that too…

so weird to interact with you on the regular and have not even an inkling of your age…


We need random Zoom chats with fellow forum members. :grimacing:


It’s called Discord.

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