🎙 NYT Best Seller, Amazon #1 Author, Podcast Host: The Endmyopia Episode

We did an episode with Brad Kearns on his GetOverYourself podcast. :grimacing:

Brad is a New York Times bestselling author together with Mark Sisson on a number of best-selling keto diet books (Mark of course of Mark’s Daily Apple and the Primal Blueprint).

More about Brad in his quite sports inspired bio.

Bred is also a genuinely all around awesome guy. Super positive, high energy, and really passionate on a personal level to improve his eyesight. What a great combination, and also exactly what endmyopia needs - advocates with a voice in the health space, talking about eyesight. :slight_smile::+1:t2:

There we go. Support Brad with some comments, let him know you appreciate him having us on, show the man and his passion some love. :heart:

(this episode was recorded some time ago, along with a number of other notable podcast appearances - stay tuned for those updates)


They could’ve centered the header image on your face instead of your forehead, though…

…or the beard.

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I’ve not (yet) watched it, so cannot comment on the actual content, just saw this as I was scrolling through the site…
This “mind-blowing, life-changing” seems a bit overused there :smiley:


I listened to the podcast, it was good!

Life changing, mind blowing? It’s been both of those things for me. EM, not the podcast :popejake:

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so cool! +1

Brad is very high energy. And he’s really very into fixing his own eyes too, I think he really meant it (as far as his own perspective, first time having been exposed to the biological realities of vision). :smiley:

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“This sounds fun Jake!”…“Strain Awareness… that’s the greatest soundbite!”… always nice to have an enthusiastic receptive host :grin: A great listen especially speaking of children, and sharing your 5 year old looking at screens no closer than 6 feet away. Will be sharing this with friends and family who are falliing into the habit of close-up screens for their toddlers especially during Covid. Very convincing explanations Jake and the host reactions were gold.:+1:


He totally means it, too. :joy:

And while not super big on the social media bits, Brad is actually kind of up there in the food chain of the whole keto-etc world. Him and Mark Sisson are tight, and Mark rules the world from behind the scenes in some ways (sold his business to Kraft and has some super serious contacts).

I really like guys who could easily be less down to earth than they are … and yet be super chill and helpful and not take themselves too seriously.

Speaking of seriously, Luke Storey is another one who knows how to play the game of who-knows-who. After years of talking about it, we finally managed to line up an episode:

This is the stuff that gets me excited, slowly building credibility not by our own claims and fancy titles and expensive Web design and trying to play the health influencer games … but despite being goofs and totally left field, still getting into serious conversations (that a lot of people listen to).

At least when I get over myself and manage to ask some of these guys for nudgy favors. :joy:


Yes for sure…this grassroots type community outreach with passionate hosts and huge followings certainly gives EM a level of integrity more than any grand marketing scheme to the general public.

Very cool on Luke Storey…2 hours is some heavy duty podcasting :blush: …the cigar was a little odd, maybe that’s his trademark :joy: …will check out the rest.

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