# of daily changes between differential and normalized?

I’ve noticed people who wear reading glasses due to presbyopia often put on and remove their glasses hundreds of times per day. Were differentials ever intended to be used this way?

On the flip side, I’ve noticed my eyes get more fatigued or I feel more dizzy the more often I switch between normalized and differentials in a period of time.

Based on data or consensus of those who came before, I’m wondering if a certain amount of focal plane changes per day or per hour (not an exact number, but a guideline) is known to be too much…or am I just imagining it that it’s making me dizzy the more often I switch?

Or, maybe copying the behavior of presbyopic adults past middle age is not a winning strategy for myopia reduction…


Interesting question! I’d be interested if there’s some kind of Endmyopia consensus on this.

My subjective impression is that my eyes don’t care. Asymmetric changes are really confusing, but for spherical, symmetrical changes, I don’t know of any reason why lots of changes would be a problem, and didn’t notice anything either. Rather, it seems tiring to not switch often when I want to, because that can get me stuck in front of a screen, with few breaks to loosen it up and no opportunity to use peripheral vision.


I’m totally with you on this one. Changing the focal correction multiple times a day should keep ones ciliary muscle moving and be helpful against strained eyes/ciliary spasm. I can only see benefits from this as long as everything stays symmetrical like you said.


Considering your journal, I’m not surprised about your eyes being stressed, you are not exactly following jakes suggestions. I understand your reasons now an hope your not taking this as an offence.

The best # of switches would be zero, because you just wouldn’t do any near work and enjoy distance vision all day long! :slight_smile:

After that, what the others say: as much as needed. Nothing worse than reading with your normalised.

Yeah, I think it’s going to be like this for the next week or two until everything is stable. Unfortunately, I don’t have any other options. I’m not taking offense, because I made these decisions myself, and I have to stick with the path I’ve chosen. I do get a bit frustrated sometimes that I have to do it way, but it is what it is, and is only temporary…I can deal with short term inconvenience and upset.

As an analogy: It’s kind of like when people gradually reverse diet…you can’t just increase your calorie intake to a normal level all at once if you’ve been eating far to little for months. I see it the same with glasses. Jumping to a full normalized last year from a 2D undercorrection was just not ever comfortable, even though I gave it about 3 months. So I’m stuck using the gradual method…Jake’s method in reverse…before I can start applying Jake’s method the proper way.

The good news: I expect to stay with this current differential for months. So that’s one less focal plane change, if it goes according to plan. If it doesn’t, I’ll only need one more extra change in differentials in the coming months. In any case, I’ll get to use these for at least 2 months, worst case.

So, mostly just a few more normalized changes in the future between now and Summer.

Using my phone in bed for a half hour every morning the past two weeks is obviously not helping, either.


Using your phone in bed is 100% a bad idea :rofl:
Did that when I got my first smartphone…
It is not allowed to enter my bedroom anymore, nope nope never! :rofl:

Glad you’re not taking offence, I’m not in your shoes so I can’t really say anything other than an observer from far away :wink:

Oh and then, as always people are so very different…
I found I have absolutely zero problem to go from fasting to feasting immediately :smiley:
(Though it’s still a stupid thing to do :slight_smile: )


True on the phone thing. I need to stop that now, starting tomorrow.

The ironic thing was, when I used that normalized last year, I got some improvement…maybe 0.25 in the 3 months. But I couldn’t keep it up as it never became comfortable. I was simply away from strong glasses so long that my system rejected them. The solution is recalibrating the system, but it’s a slow process and not always pleasant itself.


“…now, starting tomorrow…” - lol? :wink:

Hope it works, will keep checking your journal.

Yeah, when I wake up the next time. Sometimes I get a bit overenthusiastic and want to do everything “now”, even if the opportunity won’t present immediately. I really never should have started doing that phone thing in the first place.

Thanks. Improvement is likely going to be slow for the next 2-3 months due to Winter and too-weak normalized glasses as well as stress and lots of studying, so please stick with my journal as I stick with it during that time.

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I had a similar experience going on when I started EM. I had always worn contacts (at least outside and also at work :upside_down_face: )and was not used to walk around with glasses. But I had to because I couldn’t wear the contacts for more than a few hours and not every day .
So in the beginning I walked around with my differentials which didn’t give me any discomfort except the blur :wink:.
I increased the power by 0,25 D which was the maximum that I could tolerate walking around, but of course still not enough for the normalized. I had to increase for another 0,5 D - which was hardly bearable even for 10 minutes or so.
So I did my vision walks with them taking them off in between and walking with my naked eyes.
Another thing that I could tolerate better was looking out of the window with them.
But the best thing - without any discomfort at all - was using the corresponding contacts for my vision walks: no distortion, just enjoying the clarity and not to forget the benefits of the peripheral vision. At home I was wearing my differentials in this period and despite not beeing the ideal solution I did improve and could switch to a my next normalized (0,25 lower) after 3 months and that was a completely different story - really comfortable and without the on-going need to remove them.

Usually 2, I get up get ready w no correction then go to work w normalized get on the computer put on differentials then back to normalized when I leave. I might do additional switches in between for meetings and such but not always. At home I do my closeup without correction might put on differentials or normalized for stuff like cleaning the floor

Don’t forget that plus lenses don’t have cyl in them so they don’t give too much confusion to the eyes and that’s why it’s easy (easier) to put on and off hundreds of times in a day (maybe :thinking: ).