OH NO. Endmyopia Building Skynet?

Elon Musk is afraid of the AI revolution (he says, but who knows when the man’s just trolling us).

He claims the only solution he can think of is to continue integrating ourselves with the technological advancements, so we become part of the increasing computing power rather than be separate from the machine, and one day go … oooooops.

Cyborgian. Or something like something. You know my brain’s too small.

Actually all of that preamble of vicissitude has got nothing to do with anything whatsoever, besides the rather anti-climactic news that we’re building chatbots. :joy:

Right now, today, the only interaction point for visitors to endmyopia is signing up for the e-mail list. Which is rather old timey and doesn’t have much potential for helping YOU and your needs specifically. Much unlike chatbots which can be programmed to let you interact and potentially point you in directions most applicable to you. Even just basic things like, do you want the 7 day guide, or do you have questions, or other things, is myopia even your issue, etc, which we can find out just by having a bot and watching what people ask of it.

Now if you’re wondering, how do we possibly have the free time for this, then yes. We sure don’t. But I like to keep up with the rapid evolution of how we’re connecting and this one’s been on the to-explore list for almost two years now.

I finally hired an AI engireer guy to help us out with some very (very) basic exploring. Basically just a few exceedingly simple dialogs. Keep an eye on things, help me learn about how to create bots, steer us in the right general direction.

No intention of making a guru-bot.

Basically just evolve the e-mail contact point to possibly be a bit more useful via this alternate type of interaction. Just another thread of another project to slowly evolve into a potentially useful addition to the system in the long run.

I’m saying all this just in case you find these things interesting, or you (or ideas you have) maybe end up being another key piece to this particular little adventure.

Note that far flung musings of the bot doing all kinds of guiding and troubleshooting and replacing having to search and read and learn, definitely not current level of time or money allocated potential.

Just the ‘pain points’, working towards doing one little bit better than “here’s the e-mail guide”. (unless you yourself want to be on there creating all the relavant dialogs - which of course and as always, I’m open to far flung ideas that you yourself would be open to implement)


Instead of “please wait…” guru-bot will say, “stroking beard…”


When it takes a little longer, “stroking intensifies…”


I think it terms of questions that will gauge the interest of the user. Each question has a set of answers the user can select from. As long the user chooses the response which shows more interest (as questions become more complex), the bot continues sharing information. Once the user is giving the “not interested” signal the bot ends with, “It seems you no longer want more information. Would you rather read on the blog?” And then provide options of a latest article, etc.

Options are separated by | in the following examples
e.g. a | b | c | d

  1. How long have you worn glasses?
    never, why am I here? | 0 to 5 years | 5 to 10 years | 10 years or longer

2a. Good question, do you know someone who wears glasses?
yes | no
2a-a. goes back to 1 but for ‘that person’
2a-b. Do you live in a cave?

2bcd. Is your prescription changed over time?
yes | no

3a. Did it improve or worsen over that period?
never noticed | pretty bad overtime | amazingly better
3b. You’re a unicorn! (just kidding, but it’s fun to throw some loops in)

  1. Have you wondered why it worsened overtime?
    do people have time to think about such things? | why yes, what is the root cause btw?

5ab. Have you heard of pseudomyopia?
say what? | i’m listening; tell me about it
Bot replies with a short description, and follows with Do you want to hear more about this? another topic, please | yes, what else do you know??
6b. continues explaining the topic

6a. Do you like marmosets?
aren’t you off topic now!? | um, no, why do you ask? | how do I stop this thing
There was a study about…which shows…and then the bot asks again the follow-up question: Do you want to hear more about this? another topic, please | yes, what else do you know??

and on and on…


I like this.

We could conceivably even come up with some sort of a login to the bot brain, these creative musings could be added to guru-bots consciousness. You could be playing guru bot god! :thinking:

It’s actually somewhat entirely fascinating how it all works, it visualizes conversation flows and interaction options:



Yes, I would love that!

This thread: https://www.facebook.com/groups/endmyopia/permalink/1320416344818431/

That’s probably where a bot could come in handy. A certain sub group of newbies can’t seem to resist asking the same repeating circle of questions. People who haven’t realized the benefits of a search function, or reading an FAQ, or just not asking others to do the work for them.

But maybe a bot … :thinking:


My favorite answer to the question “can anybody explain active focus and have you experienced gainzzz” is, “yes.”

I like it when one word is a complete sentence.



And then the remedial school brigade jumps all over me for not being helpful enough and not being inclusive enough, and “oh some people just learn differently”.

Problem is, it’s the Internet, and all it takes is one asshole with too much time posting a thousand things, for us to look bad. Happy and sane people are usually busy with life, so it’s rather easy for narratives to look a bit less than favorable.

Trying hard to avoid angry losers online.


I’ve often wondered at the skill some people have to make the sane look insane. Eventually it catches up with them, but until it does, it can be aggravating.

Interesting that Musk said that…AI revolution definitely looks pretty gloomy as people are actually d*** enough to work in the direction of singularities and all our existing datasets are deeply flawed.

Cyborgian and VR tank is waiting for us and most people are going to love it I fear. I mean what else do you like to do when you do not have a job anymore and the VR drugs are close by? :wink:

Sorry I guess that was a bit offtopic :slight_smile: A chatbot for answering some basic questions why not.

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Reviving this. Anybody feel like learning a drag-and-drop interface to build some chat bots, answer newbie questions on Facebook auto-magically?


I’m game. My comfort zone is due for a shake up lol

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It’s called Manychat. https://manychat.com/product/messenger-marketing

Take a peak! If you really want to play with it … requires connecting your Facebooks to it.

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I will plan look it up tomorrow. :grinning:
I am fried for tonight. :sleeping: is all my ambition for the moment.

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Totally cool. If you like look up some tutorials for it, see if it still looks tempting. It’s definitely got a learning curve, because a lot of options.

(In other news, good bot “programmers” charge easily $50-$100 an hour writing bots. It’s a profession!)

It can also handle multiple participant bot makers and keeping various people’s work in folders and such.


I had a look at it and used an existing flow to create this very basic one…



Whhhhhaaaannnnn! But ok… Sounds like fun!


Sentiment shared, trying to sort it all out before committing to linking my account,…

So trying to look into it. It says to link your business facebook page. Would we need admin status to make the bot accessible through EM facebook group? Because is sure seems that way from what I am seeing…

I haven’t gotten as far as to see how that much works…

At least an hour later:
Ok! I am burnt for the moment… this would be hella easier if it was like the wiki and we could just go into the preexisting space and work on it… is that possible? Like an admin for the facebook group could get it all linked up and release log in information to a designated group of people who could plug in the rest? I have like a serious list of common questions with responses and redirects I just need the space to drop them in… One would think a program like this would allow for a creator to then elect to delegate to approved parties. Guess the times might not have caught up with that yet.

Doesn’t necessarily have to be one’s own personal Facebook account. An account created just for this purpose would be fine also. Yes, must be admin of the page: https://support.manychat.com/support/solutions/articles/36000103189-page-isn-t-in-the-list-of-pages-in-manychat

So you make a business page, you’re the admin, connect it to Manychat. As I understand it. :grimacing:

Yea. The first part of the learning curve is annoyingly confusing. Especially how they organize everything. After that, fairly intuitive actually.

Hm. If we made a new page and all of us admins of it? Maybe?


So …

I created a new page and now would have to make you admins. Tried by e-mail but FB didn’t recognize you that way. Do you have to like the page? Do I need to know your name? I don’t know …

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