Oh No! Jake Loses Temper, Goes Level 1000 Rant-Pocalypse 💥

(repost from FB - note that as usual it’s worth reading between the lines here … just having a wee bit of fun, not being well mannered)


Backstory: An online conspiracy theorist named ‘Bill Otto’ prompts your favorite guru to go all ill-tempered, ranting malcontent.

And I’ve really been working SO hard on curbing the rants, on being more professional, on making endmyopia generally people-friendly and inclusive and non-combative.

But this … :triumph:



Big bad Billy Otto just likes inhaling his own exhaust. That’s what a few credentials will do for you.

“There has been no correlation between close up activities and myopia”

See? There is nothing to worry about! Keep wearing your infinity correction while browsing Instagram on your smartphone 15 cm from your face as long as you want.

It’s fiiiine.


Nobody told me when I clicked on endmyopia that, 43 days from then, my prescription would have halved in my left eye, I’d have spent a grand on video recording equipment and that I’d be defending ‘holistic guru-based vision improvement’ methods online.

Like, any time I really sit back and think ‘god, this is too good to be true, like there HAS to be a scam in here somewhere right???’, like the illogical distrustful part of my brain is trying to get a bit of exercise in the moment, I’m literally there sitting back in my chair with far less blur than just slightly over a month ago. I literally can’t avoid the truth. I’m surrounded by the truth. I must learn to handle the truth. I must also watch A Few Good Men, I hear it’s a great film.

And the truth is… JAKE, WHERE IS THE REALITY DISTORTION MACHINE??? I can’t believe you have control over time and space itself and you use it to make a fringe vision improvement website. Talk about a missed opportunity, you should be creating some gold out of thin air.

You know, I really hope I don’t make sparking internet drama into a habit. It’s a really negative state of mind to be in. With that said, if I just pull my glasses off my face for a few seconds, the beautiful ever-reducing blur of my room reminds me why you have to stand your ground a little. It’s a shame he can’t enjoy this as much as I can, especially given his ‘correct, fact-based view’ :confused:

EDIT: Thread has progressed, I repost the link here.


Sorry for posting again, but holy cannoli, that Evartski person really got on my nerves with their nonsense. Trying to reduce diopters is as healthy as an obese person trying to lose weight, they are the ones scaring people not to think for themselves and try new things that could improve their well-being and obey faithfully to what the mainstream conveys. At one point they were straight “I aM dA A+ OpTomeTRist, rEspcT mAh AuTHOritY, peaSanT” :rofl:

…But they couldn’t have thought you were actually serious when you said you had Jake as a god… Could they? Cringe…


It really blows my mind about how badly people put ‘dA sCiEnCe!!’ on a pedestal. The guy has a point. There aren’t loads of studies into the potential health risks of something like endmyopia. That did pique my interest a little. However, the health benefits have been huge. Because EM is reliant on the built-in natural way of improving eyesight, in my experience typically anything the body does to heal itself is highly sophisticated and healthy most of the time. We really are incredible organisms.

But nooo, come on guys! Animal eyes are completely different to human eyes with no comparison possible! Ignore the fact that pig/sheep eyes are routinely used to teach medical students anatomy. Only things that science strictly and expressly states is true are the only things that will work! Ignore the fact that reality actually establish what works, not existence of scientific literature on a given topic. Finally, it doesn’t take two-thirds of an optometry degree to realise calling Jake ‘our lord and saviour’ is a joke.

Try reading one of his posts to some Darth Vader music, works really well.

I type this as I sit in the living room, able to now see my laptop screen from a comfortable distance without glasses, and can now make out a really nice amount of the television screen and even read some double vision text (no glasses). I’m really not going to start caring about some really minor possible side effect in some really specific part of eyeball health that we don’t know about which EM could cause, especially given that the alternative is laser eye surgery. And we all know what happens if you do that… (approved by dA sCiEnCe!!!)

EDIT: Presently fighting the urge to post to /r/EndmyopiaScam: ‘0/10 complete scam, beard growth rate unchanged’


That guy has been a long time troll, FYI.

He’s super aggressive (and apparently not very smart, all things considered). He tried to get people in r/optometry riled up to “shut down” endmyopia and tried various other fascist type of tactics to stop discussion and debate. He’s a retail optometrist job student kid with apparently not much else going on. Seems almost that he imagines himself as some kind of white knight of the retail optometry industry, thinking somehow he’ll get points for ‘standing up for them’.

Under the cover of anonymity he’s sent me various long and rambling messages about how he’s going to debunk me, expose me, and more ominously, of how I am going to regret “this”. Also various lengthly comments full of insults on YouTube videos and PMs and … just, bleh. Out of all the weirdos out there, that dude really does take the cake.

Only issues with these types of extremist characters is that they will invest A LOT of time in trying to cause trouble. Unlike most regular people with things to do, one of those can do a fair bit of damage online. Sadly.


You replied to that guy with an impressive level of restraint! He seems to be rather bitter about endmyopia and it shows in his rather jangled arguments…

As they say in science the strength of a theory lies in it’s falsifiabliity, and as he’s such a scientist (lol) with any luck he’ll dedicate his life to researching this method of myopia reduction and it’s effects on overall eye health.

It’ll be nice to see him replicate all our anecdotal experiences of improvement as part of a study, and even nicer to hear him say he was proved wrong :slight_smile:

I’m really enjoying your videos btw, it’s great to see such progress!


Haha, thread replies are still going! Interesting that he also wears glasses as you can see from his Twitter profile. You know what they say, high proximity to something that’s good only increases the sick, twisted temptations to try it…

Fair enough to the guy if he’s super duper 100% evidence required before doing anything to his eyes, that’s his risk threshold. There isn’t 100% super duper evidence that EM is safe, although I’m more than reasonably confident as are most people here. In the 17th century glasses were invented (earlier by some estimates), and there certainly wasn’t 100% super duper evidence they were safe back then, but they’ve continued to be used for 400ish years and there isn’t a plague of permanent eye damage sweeping the world (unless of course you consider myopia, which seems to be the only real condition glasses directly cause).

My eyes didn’t develop serious eye conditions aside from myopia from the age of seven til now at twenty. That’s with axial elongation, what glasses-users have had to put up with for centuries. Why am I suddenly going to get serious eye conditions when going in the opposite direction?

Questioning the safety of EM is due diligence and skepticism, Jake rightly states do your research and understand your eyes before messing with them. I’ve done my due diligence and been skeptical, and the scientific and anecdotal literature concludes that I should go full steam ahead with EM.


What there’s an Endmyopia subreddit?! How did I miss that lol

I think you can stop at (lol).

If he was interested in reality, he surely would have seen this metastudy on near work and myopia. Quote from the combined result:

the odds of myopia increased by 2% (OR:1.02; 95% CI = 1.01–1.03) for every one diopter-hour (hr) more of near work per week.

Now you can debate if that’s too weak an effect to justify what we’re doing, but it is just silly to go out and say there’s no relation whatsoever. He’s probably picking out the few studies that support his claim, and ignores all the rest. Such science, much amaze.


My brain is definitely lighting on fire going a bit mental at the moment with ‘potential risks’ of EM, I must admit. There’s a completely huge ‘this amazing thing is absolutely changing my life, I need to find the catch’ thing going on in my brain. It feels like I’m irrationally doing confirmation bias on all sorts of phenomena, trying to piece together studies to find ‘some way’ in which EM could damage my eyesight. The guy got to me a bit in that sense, but I’m seriously being irrational as I have not found anything tangible that would appear EM could really damage my eyes.

Like, how does interocular pressure change as you reduce the eyeball? Oh yeah, higher myopia causes higher interocular pressure, so I can only be reducing that, which is a risk factor for glaucoma. Okay, there isn’t a catch to EM there, only a really good benefit.

Oh my gosh! The back of my retina is emmetropising so quickly! What if my optic nerve snaps because it’s moving away from it too fast? Well, 1mm of physical eyeball = 3 diopters of correction. Looking on a ruler that’s pretty tiny. And then there’s this study stating that stretching of axons like the one in the optic nerve is perfectly natural and normal for axon elongation.

So there’s my full disclosure, I really have no rational basis in panicking over my rapidly improving eyesight, lol


'Your just salty because your profession makes money off making people blind, and you’re trying to rationalize it by saying the method might be dangerous." :rofl:


like this reply because where are the studies validating that glasses are safe in the first place?


He’s trying to keep his opto buddies in the cash cow is all. The guy is a hack. He wears glasses ffs. What a troll!

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“Don’t feed the trolls” - there may be some validity to limit giving attention and energy to those people. At least past trying to be reasonable and have a discussion.