Old age myopia (presmyopia)

So I’d like to get some thoughts on this hypothesis I recently stumbled upon (in my own mind, triggered by a relative who said that myopia could also be age related).

Let’s say you have some chronic ciliary muscle spasm and you develop some presbyopia. The lens hardens in that shape that the lens is stuck in. Would you guys consider it a possibility that this could lead to an inability to relax the lens in the eye again leading to a form of presmyopia (for a lack of a better word).

If so, this would be a real tough nut to crack, because with presbyopia you can strengthen the ciliary muscle to overcome that hardened lens, but in the case I just described, relaxing that ciliary can’t relax that lens because you cannot force it any further due to it’s stiffness. What do you guys think about this ramble :smiley:?

That sounds awful! But I think I’d hit the google scholar :laughing: