On my way to 20/20: From -3.75 SPH and -3.50 CYL

So it’s been around 6 and a half weeks since my last reduction. Today
April 26, 2021 I received my:
OD | -3.25 | -3.00 | 165
OS | -3.25 | -3.25 | 175

OD | -1.75 | -3.00 | 165
OS | -1.75 | -3.25 | 175

A 0.25 monocular reduction of SPH in the left eye. I did my zero diopter reset as usual but what surprised me was when I got home after my usual walk I was able to see the 20/15 line on my snellen–which I was previously able to see with my N1s–though not crystal clear.

Kind of bad news: my left eye still has no blur challenge. It’s really overcorrected and my right eye is still lagging behind. Last week I started patching for two 5 minute sessions but now I just do one 10 minute session. This reduction has been the second time I’ve reduced my norms and diffs at the same time and It seems like I’ll need to do one more–hopefully that one will be the last. I’m not in a rush but I do hope my right eye can improve in the next couple months or so.

This is starting to get a bit lengthy. One good thing to take from this:

  • I started at SE -5.5
  • this reduction put me at SE -4.875

So I’m officially down to the -4 diopter range :grin:


This is a very interesting journey. Well done so far :blush:
So how do the new pairs of glasses feel?
I know it is early days, but do you have an idea for the next reduction - weeks later of course, once N2 and D3 feel OK?

Ah ha! I see what you mean. When I read this a few days ago it didn’t have the same meaning as now that I also see 20/15 with new norms.

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For this reduction I felt almost no change. Previously, I reduced 0.25 CYL in my norms and diffs and that made me feel kind of woozy. This reduction had no side effects at all and I think it’s because it was a SPH reduction.

My N2s feel the same as my N1s but I can’t see the 20/15 as sharply with them. My D3s were noticeably less corrected than my D2s so I had to scoot closer to my computer—this usually happens with all my diffs. Since my previous diffs had my left eye way over corrected and my right eye under corrected, it was really difficult to find the edge of blur. As @gemilymez described in one of her videos, everything seems clear but there is some blur that feels “messy.” My new diffs have made it easier to find the edge of blur so now I think my right eye will be able to catch up.

I actually do. I’m planning on reducing CYL in my left eye—my left eye is still overcorrected—by 0.25 in my diffs and norms. By then my lenses will be fully equalized so that will hopefully be the last time I have to reduce my norms and diffs at the same time.

In the meantime, I’ll be patching my left eye so my right can catch up. It’s only been a couple days since I’ve started patching but I can tell my right eye is improving in close up.


This morning, I was able to see the 20/20 line with my right eye and it was crystal clear! When I first reduced to my current subscription, my right eye could only see 20/40 and I was worried I would be stuck with this subscription for longer than usual. I’ve been patching almost everyday now because I noticed that whenever I don’t, my right eye gets worse again. I’ve also been doing a lot of astigmatism exercises with the astigmatism app. I definitely spend more time patching though. It’s only been three weeks since I got this subscription but now I’m way more confident that this will work out. I’ll give it another week or two before I reduce to my next set. I’ll get those in the beginning of June so I’m looking forward to some summer gains.


08 June 2021
I just got my
OD | -3.25 | -3.00 | 165
OS | -3.25 | -3.00 | 175
OD | -1.75 | -3.00 | 165
OS | -1.75 | -3.00 | 175

I did my zero diopter reset and I can still see the 20/15 line on my snellen. My diopter buble didn’t really change in close up with my laptop; OU it’s between 90-100cm but my right eye alone is probably about 70-80 ish. I don’t know why I was surprised because it was basically a 0.125D reduction in the left eye.

Anyway, I’ve noticed that my right eye tends to fluctuate a lot more than my left eye. For example, this morning my right eye could only read the 20/25 line but after taking a short walk I was able to read the 20/20 line. Overall, I’d say it fluctuates between 20/30 and 20/20 day to day. Last week my right eye felt stuck seeing 20/30 and I was worried I would need to increase SPH in my right eye. Now I know that’s unnecessary because I just need to patch or tag in everyday for my right eye to catch up.

So my eyes are fully equalized now and I can say with full confidence that this was the last time that I had to reduce my diffs and norms at the same time. I didn’t expect to be equalized so soon. Now the next obstacle I need to overcome is CYL.


08 July 2021

Recently I’ve noticed how clear the leaves on trees look with my N3s. I had been seeing 20/15 with each eye individually and 20/13 OU. It’s been a bit over 4 weeks but this seemed like a reasonable time to reduce to OU | -3.00 | -3.00.

With my N4s, I can see 20/20 with both eyes individually but my left eye can see it much clearer; OU it’s 20/15. So in distance vision, my right sees just barely a bit more blurry than my left eye. In close up though, it’s much more noticeable.

(Un?)fortunately, I’ve got summer homework which involves a fair amount of reading so now I spend a bit more time practicing pushing focus (approx. 40 minutes daily). I’d say I get around 20 minutes of patching done daily which really helps.

I barely noticed that I’ve already reduced my correction by 1 whole diopter (from -5.5 to -4.5!) in just 6 months. My reductions will begin to stagger now so I expect things to slow down.


With my most recent normalized reductions, I’ve noticed that after doing my zero diopter reset, both my eyes can basically see the exact same. But in the days that follow I start noticing that my right eye starts to lag behind.

The pattern goes something like this:
Day | OD | OS
01 | 20/20 | 20/20
02 | 20/25 | 20/20
03 | 20/30 | 20/20
My right eye never gets worse than 20/40 though.

Yesterday after a whole day of outdoor time (and about 30 minutes of patching in distance) my right eye went back to 20/20–even though it was seeing 20/30 or 20/40 in the morning. Also I noticed that I was able to see a lot more with my peripheral vision which, I think, is a good indicator that I’m headed in the right direction.

Either way, I’m glad that I’m staggering reductions now so I can spend more time (probably two more months) adjusting to these norms.


Just floating a theory but it is possible you are accumulating ciliary spasm in the one eye. I can’t be sure but if they square up after a zero D reset or a good bit of distance vision, seems like you have one eye with a tendency to lock up easy and likes to stay that way. That should, in theory, pass as the ciliary regains flexibility over time.
Whatever the case sounds like you are dealing properly with it and moving along :slight_smile:

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I never thought of that but it definitely seems possible.

I actually think your theory might be correct because this seems to be happening right now. I remember with my last normalized it took around a week of distance vision to get my right eye from 20/40 to 20/20. With my current normalized it only took a day to get the same results.

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