One eye best for close up and other best for distance

So I currently have this situation when I read the cm measurements without glasses and the right eye is easily better. Then I put on my distance lenses that have equal SPH and no CYL adjustment and then go look at a Snellen chart and behold the left eye can easily see better.

I’ve read on Discord of others describing a similar things and it’s the first time I’ve encountered it myself.

Is there a name for this situation?
Is there some way to go about troubleshoot this condition?


Are you at an age when presbyopia might be an issue? (Over 40?)

If so, you might experiment with some weak plus glasses for in front of the computer and see how that changes the measurements. Maybe use +0.25 or +0.5 if they let you get far enough away from the screen to keep you at a usable distance.

I’m guessing that the lens in your left eye might be stiffening with age and you’re probably using one eye more than the other when you look at the screen up close. Both lenses are probably stiffening but you’re probably measuring myopia on the snellen chart and seeing some blur from presbyopia on the near target. [???]

It could also be some kind of subtle convergence issue at near that you could have at any age (I seem to have some that I’m working on fixing.) You might try moving the screen around, hold it to the bottom right when you look through the left eye at it (that should pull up some accommodation reserves because you have to use more convergence when your left eye is looking down and right) or try looking at the screen up and to the left through your left eye (to get it to stop accommodating).

Depending on which way your eyes are pointing they will want to accommodate more or less. When you’re looking at the snellen chart far away they’re probably not accommodating.

Your left eye is better at distance so it’s probably having to accommodate whenever you use the phone or computer (regardless of how old you are). It might be accommodating too much when you’re trying to measure your cms.

Sam’s got the phone out, time to accommodate!

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I have observed this at times with my tag in, and I feel like it switches sometimes. Though to be perfectly honest I so seldom properly test each eye individually, and have failed to document it. I guess it is probably normal? I have also noticed that usually I see with warmer tones in one eye (typically right) and cooler tones with the other (usually left). Additionally the left takes a bit longer to adjust to lower light… If any of this is not normal someone please tell me!! :joy: Cuz I am NOT asking Google.


I don’t know if there is a name for it. But I know that I hear about it more and more often in Europe (especially from Dutch friends) that optos suggest splitting the eyes to 2 different single focal plane lenses instead of bifocal or multifocal.

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I’m still waiting to decide what I think. My left eye is clearly more myopic but sees better than the right with normalized. I figured probably it’s just a bit more corrected than the right. There’s 0.50 difference in the correction.

I have this occasionally. When it’s noticably it’s very obvious. The rest of time it’s undetectable.

Wise to not ask Google anything now!

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Yeah I really only notice it when I look for it or one eye drops out, as of late they take turns doing that. Used to only be the left that checked out, but now sometimes the left goes and takes off leaving the right in blur. It is a strange sensation after the right pulling all the weight for so long…

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An update.
My eye that is best for close up has ghosting while the other eye is clear.