One eye improving, the other isn't?

Hi all, I had a checkup a few months ago and found that my right eye had improved to the extent that I’m pretty much 20/0 (despite taking a while), however, my left eye remained the same and I’m not worrying that it may be getting worse, although it is quite hard to tell. I was wondering if anyone else had experienced this and if so then how they dealt with it. For the record, my myopia is extremely low, so there’s not a massive difference between eyes. Thanks!

You are aware of dominance and that it is normal for a dominant eye to “lead”…? See postings thru Search if interested.

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Yeah I did originally think that, I might look to do some more research in it before I jump to conclusions. Thank you for the reminder!

As already mentioned ocular dominance is likely your culprit here. The other eye will catch up in it’s own good time however maybe this tip will give some helpful encouragement: Tag-In Method - YouTube

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